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Below are services (pathways) that inspire, inform, challenge, and equip you to tap into your unlimited potential and unchain your greatness.


We offer keynote and motivational speeches at your events to inspire, inform, and challenge your people to claim their individual & collective greatness.


We provide individual and group coaching designed to equip your people with the right mindset, the necessary skill set, and character set on their journey toward greatness.


We design personal, leadership, and spiritual development programs to empower your people to grow holistically and become great and world-class in what they do. 


Below are the programs that empower you to attain greatness in your own unique way.

Personal Development

We design personal development programs that increase self-awareness, improve self-management, & ultimately personal mastery.

Leadership Development

We design programs for your emerging, middle, & senior leaders that empower them to fulfill their mandate, & ultimately to become world-class leaders.

Spiritual Development

We design spiritual development programs for your people that ignite their spiritual side, tap into the invisible world, and evolve continually to become their best version.

"Assegid Habtewold is one of the most capable and inspirational coaches I’ve worked with. Through Assegid’s coaching, I’ve learned new techniques of presentation and communication skills which significantly improved the outcome of my speaking engagements at various high-level international conferences and relationships with others. Assegid provides valuable guidance and his passion for leadership and communication is obvious in his coaching sessions, a couple of leadership workshops Assegid facilitated for our organization, and his social media posts and video clips he produces. Therefore, I highly recommend Assegid’s coaching services. I also recommend his live workshops and online courses to anyone who would like to grow as a leader."

Shimelse Mekonnen
Board Chair, Your Ethiopian Professionals Network (YEP)

"Hello, my name is Dr.Tigist Belete. I am the country Representative for Pro-leadership Global, here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I first met Dr. Assegid at his conference here. I had the pleasure of attending both his workshop and TOT. I can still remember those days of training, I was in complete awe. It was my first time seeing a dynamic leader like him. If you ever had a chance to have met him, I am sure you have noticed how he is an inspirational African leader. His advice and tips have empowered me to be a better, brighter leader in my personal and work life. I have the honor of personally being mentored by him, which has immensely been helpful as a first-timer country representative. Our world needs more people like him! If you are reading this, it must be for a reason. If you are in a slump in your career or social life or just trying to work on your leadership skills, I strongly encourage you to check out his workshop, online courses, and of course his books. I hope you will have a great experience with it as I have had."

Dr. Tigist Belete
Country Representative, PRO Leadership Global Inc.

"Assegid is a true professional. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him, side by side, a number of times. Whether you are a supervisor, manager, or business owner you will truly benefit from his online courses. He takes the time, and effort to create them in a way that are both full of pertinent and relevant information, but more importantly, are applicable to your needs. He is a great storyteller as well, he has the great ability to communicate the material in a way you can both relate to and take action on. His world-wide experience gives him a unique perspective that is both refreshing and original. When you will take his course you will be glad you did."

DW Starr
Marketing Expert, DW Starr LLC

"I have had some opportunities to work with Dr. Assegid Habtewold since 2019. I was one of the invited speakers when his organization launched an initiative that aimed to empower emerging leaders. The opportunity gave me a chance to watch his presentation first hand. Following the event, I invited him to have a group coaching session with my leadership team. The opportunity gave us a chance to learn new leadership nuggets plus a chance to ask him some questions to get his perspectives. He shared fresh and empowering insights and approaches that we still practice till date. We used the consultative session to assess where we were, what was working very well, and what we might need to change to take our organization to the next height. The overall experience was very fruitful and we look forward to having similar sessions with him whenever he visits Addis. I highly recommend my fellow leaders to invite Assegid to work with their leadership and benefit from his expertise. If you're a supervisor, project manager, or business owner, I encourage you to attend his live and online courses to take your leadership to the next level."

Samuel Bekele
CEO, Spotlight Communications Ltd

"In 2018, Assegid came to ECX and had a very productive conversation with our top leadership. I heard great compliments about the session. As a result, in 2019 when Assegid visited Addis again, we invited him to facilitate a two-day leadership workshop by bringing together our executive team, managers, and supervisors. During those 2 days, I could personally be able to notice that Assegid is passionate about leadership and he has a lot to offer. I also heard constructive feedback from participants during and after the workshop. The learning opportunity we had with Assegid brought tremendous improvement in the performance of our leadership and in turn ECX. We benefited from his ability to facilitate a very interactive workshop that was filled with so many up to the minute insights, tools, methods our team implemented right away. I recommend my fellow leaders to consider inviting Assegid to their organization, and I also encourage anyone who is interested to grow as a leader, to sign up for his online courses."

Wondimagegnehu Negera
CEO, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

"Dr. Assegid Habtewold has been developing leaders at every level for many years. He has worked in numerous sectors and has a wealth of knowledge to share. I highly recommend his courses for leadership development..."

Mali Phonpadith
CEO, SOAR Community Network

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Assegid (AZ) Habtewold since we were students in the Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) program at Regent University in 2009. AZ leads by example drawing from decades leading research teams, starting organizations and facilitating learning events across the country and globally. He is a popular author, seminar leader, coach and facilitator for Success Pathways, LLC. He brings a positive vision of change, growth and opportunity to students, stakeholders and organizational leaders wherever he goes. I believe you will enjoy the courses AZ has prepared. His teaching style is very personal. These courses have the familiarity of a personal coaching session; as if you were sitting across the table enjoying a coffee with your mentor. "

Dr. Chuck Bowen
Senior Enterprise Architect, Ignite IT

"I've attended some of Assegid's leadership presentations and workshops, and watched the educational video clips he produced to empower youth leaders. He shares up to date insights, tools, and tips very helpful to managers and supervisors. I encourage you to sign up for his online course if your desire is to excel in your leadership."

Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw
Director of Partnerships, PRO Leadership Global Inc

"I've known Assegid since campus days. We were in the same dormitory for years. This opportunity gave me a closer look at his leadership both in the classroom and offline hours. He was an inspiration to all of us. When I was President of the University of Gondar, I invited Assegid to speak to our Leadership Team, Deans, and Faculty Members. He also volunteered to inspire, guide, and coach student leaders during his stay. I can confidently say that Assegid is one of the few leadership experts in Ethiopia who can deliver what he promises. I'm glad to report to you that our leadership team and the entire community benefited from his visit. You should also consider inviting him to your organization and send your leaders to attend his events and online courses."

Dr. Desalegne Mengesha
President (former), University of Gondar

"I'd like to encourage supervisors, managers, and business owners to consider signing up for any, or all, of the upcoming online courses being offered by my friend and fellow Toastmaster, Dr. Assegid (AZ) Habtewold. I've known Assegid since 2013 and watched a few of his presentations, including a customized presentation on “Soft Skills” that he gave to a Joint Open House of five Toastmasters clubs, a few years ago. As the saying goes, 'leaders are learners', and I closely witnessed Assegid challenging himself to grow professionally as a learning professional. In addition to his thirst for knowledge, he is characterized by an ongoing commitment to helping people — especially “first-timers” — who are relatively new to the United States and its labor market. Such people may have technical skills but lack the soft skills necessary to move up to management ranks. Assegid has made the journey and is passionate about helping others through the same transition. From his personal journey as a leader, the knowledge he acquired and the experience he gained as he travels all over the US to facilitate workshops for leaders in diverse organizations, he has now designed online programs to empower supervisors, managers, and business owners. I highly encourage you to benefit from his offers t o take your leadership to the next level."

Krish Murti
Academic Coach, Montgomery College (Rockville-MD)

"I first knew AZ when I was on campus in the late '90s. He was the president of AAU students union. AZ was an inspirational student leader. After many years, I had another chance to work with AZ in the US. He spoke at Sholla Corporation events a couple of times. He also visited my college (American College of Technology) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and facilitated full-day workshops for corporate managers, executives, supervisors and business owners. I got outstanding testimonials from participants of these workshops. AZ, is a great learning professional who is passionate about what he does. AZ gives his best every time and shares what he knows wholeheartedly and cares about his audience's growth. I highly recommend AZ's workshops and online courses. "

Dr. Asmamaw Mengistie
President, American College of Technology (ACT)

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