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How to be successful in life, career, and business isn’t a secret or a destination — it’s a journey. And we're here to pave the pathways that lead you, your team, and your organization to success, Brick by Brick.
  • Success Pathways is an educational institute that offers the A to Z organizational, leadership and personal development programs.
  • We're a one-window shop where you find your development needs in one place. 
  • We custom-design each program to meet your needs and align with your preferences, styles, and corporate culture.

Which pathway is right for you to take?

We have 3 Success development Pathways (Organizational, Leadership, and Personal Development) focused on holistic growth.

1. Organizational Development pathway  

Our organizational development pathways focus on 3 aspects of your organization: People, System, and Culture.   Learn More >>

2. Leadership Development pathway 

This Pathway develops tailored programs specific to emerging, middle, and senior leaders. Learn More >>

3. Personal Development pathway 

This Pathway follows a simple but powerful process that has three stages: Self-awareness, Self-management, and Self-mastery. Learn More >>

Which service takes you there?

On the journey toward success, we offer 5 unique services tailor-made to your industry and organization goals.


We provide highly customized, engaging, and interactive workshops Learn More >>


We deliver high-impact motivational speeches and keynotes. Learn More >>


We provide result-oriented one-on-one and group coaching. Learn More >>


We design and deliver short and long-term programs. Learn More >>


We offer result-oriented consulting services. Learn More >>

Frequently Requested Services

I. Workshop: Excelling as a 1st Time Supervisor or Manager

In this workshop, participants will learn how to transition smoothly and excel at their new role from the beginning. Once they pass through this program, they quickly overcome first-timer syndrome and develop the right mindset and the necessary competencies they need to succeed from the get-go. Participants will get the latest insights, workable models and tools, models, templates, practical strategies, and useful tactics to lead their team, interact successfully with their superiors and other stakeholders, and in turn, achieve their goals and improve the productivity of their people.

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II. Coaching: Speaking Like a PRO

Excelling in public speaking is mandatory to succeed at work and in the marketplace. Whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, or leader, regardless of their industries, you should excel in communicating from the stage or in front of a camera. You should speak with poise, authenticity, and credibility. You should also excel in beginning your speech with high impact, grabbing your audience's attention immediately. You should join great speakers who are outstanding storytellers, take appropriate pauses for deliberate impact, make smooth transitions, and close their speeches with a high tone, leading the audience to act. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone. We can help you speak like a PRO, inspire and persuade others, and change minds and hearts.

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III. Consulting: Building, Launching, and Administering Funnels

You've to have an online presence and create funnels to prospect, qualify, sell (upsell and downsell), close, deliver, and support your clients. Funnels are pipelines that help you attract and ultimately convert bystanders into supporters, skeptics into believers, and prospects into clients. Funnels are also critical sales machines you must have in place to scale your business and expand your organization. The good news is that you don't have to do it by yourself alone and manually. We can help you design, integrate, automate, launch, promote, administer, monitor, and if necessary, tweak your first or next funnel and make it EVERGREEN and PROFITABLE.

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Past & Current Clients



Are you a first-time supervisor, project manager, or business owner who’s feeling overwhelmed by the daunting responsibilities that come with taking a new leadership role?

Just landed your first leadership role and the pressure is getting to you? Are you worried about letting your team down? Do you want to break free from the things that are holding you back and conquer first-time leadership pitfalls?

If so, you need Amazon's #1 bestseller book: 'Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome.' The book empowers you to make a smooth transition and excel in your new role.

The book is written for 1st-time team leaders, project managers, supervisors, aspiring first-time leaders, new business owners, and senior leaders who are coaching and mentoring first-timers in their organizations.


When you order the eBook for just $1 USD (less than a price of a cup of tea), you'll get some irresistible offers and FREE bonuses...

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Do you want to manage yourself well, get along with others, be a team player & lead your team successfully?

It is sad to witness many struggle to get along and lead others successfully. Statistics show that the lion's share of success in any endeavor comes from soft skills.

Unfortunately, many people focus on technical skills ignoring or neglecting to develop their people skills. As a result, they are experiencing lots of setbacks individually and corporately such as lack of harmony, high turnover, poor productivity, and more.

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Do you desire to become your highest self?

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve achieved — you’re greatness material. 

However, all greatness isn’t the same. Greatness that came from luck, inheritance, or through sheer willpower isn’t very fulfilling. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself seeking more when your good luck dries, your initial fortune erodes, as you age and your vigor declines. 

Greatness achieved through brute force and corruption isn’t sustainable at all.

This book is here to show you the best and most sustainable way to keep your greatness going until you achieve the Highest Level of Greatness — greatness that sustains and outlasts even after you’re long gone from this planet!

Learn more & get the eBook

Do you want to unlock your full potential and manifest your highest self?

Everyone is destined for greatness in their own unique ways. However, only a select few are able to tap into their full potential, and go above and beyond to unchain their greatness. The majority ends up failing to attain any level of greatness at all.

Except for you.

This book details the 4 major stages the great ones from diverse cultures passed through. Fascinating stories of individuals who transformed from underdog to top dog, from obscurity to greatness are narrated. In-depth explanations and straightforward steps are shared so that you, too, can set yourself apart from the rest.

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Success Stories

“Dr. AZ Habtewold is much more than a keynote speaker.  As an AV professional I have had the opportunity to see many keynote speakers.  What I loved most about Dr. AZ is he is much more than an excellent speaker.  He is a role model for self-leadership.  Dr. AZ’s message is refreshing as it acknowledges that emerging leaders need training, mentoring and space to learn.  Many speakers can put on a good show, but Dr. AZ’s contagious optimism allowed me to believe I could grow at a quantum level.”

Brian Monahan

Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Prestige AV & Creative Services

I have known AZ since 2019 and he has consistently delivered high impact speaking and facilitation engagements to diverse audiences across multiple industries. Az is skilled at engaging audiences with storytelling, timely and relevant examples and he adapts professionally to the needs of a group. I have collaborated with AZ on numerous occasions and I can attest that he takes the time to listen and prepare for his work. He has a strong background in leadership and professional development that will challenge your team or group to think and do differently as they return to their respective work. He will exceed your expectations for collaboration and will go above and beyond to ensure that your group, team, or audience leaves a session with new thoughts and tools. He comes with my highest recommendation.

-Jeff McKinney, PhD

President - The Angkor Group

When I was President of the University of Gondar, I invited Assegid to speak to our Leadership Team, Deans, and Faculty Members. He also volunteered to inspire, guide, and coach student leaders during his stay. I can confidently say that Assegid is one of the few leadership experts in Ethiopia who can deliver what he promises. I'm glad to report to you that our leadership team and the entire community benefited from his visit. 

-Dr. Desalegne Mengesha

President of University of Gondar (former)

It was wonderful to finally meet Dr. AZ in person, as well as get to witness firsthand his ability to engage 150+ audience and capture their undivided attention as he spoke and shared his story, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. Fortunately, he also did a break-out session with practical solutions and actions because the attendees wanted more.

-Leila Davids 

Destination Sales Manager Visit Montgomery, MD

The learning opportunity we had with Assegid brought tremendous improvement in the performance of our leadership and in turn ECX. We benefited from his ability to facilitate a very interactive workshop... 

-Wondim Negera

CEO Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

AZ is a phenomenal, capable and knowledgeable instructor who's able to combine career and leadership development programs into his curriculum. He is also able to infuse real-life experiences throughout his training. He uses interactive discussions and group activities to help participants understand the content. He is very easy to work with, very in tuned to the needs of the group and takes feedback really well. He is a natural leader, coach, and mentor.

-Bridgette Gray

Managing Director, Per Scholas, National Capital Region.

After attending Dr. AZ’s session on building a pro feedback culture, I feel more equipped to help promote a positive and transparent work environment. Ensuring the needs of employees intersect with the needs of the business can be difficult, but AZ’s approach provides business leaders with methods to improve performance, while growing and developing its team members.

-Jack Marti

Go Ape USA, HR Manager, SHRM-SCP

AZ, you did a fantastic job at the MPI 2022 ReConEx Conference! I was able to tune into both your opening keynote panel and breakout sessions. Your breakout presentation on “How to Experience a Quantum Leap: Tackle the 3 Battlefronts & Take Your Career/Business to the Next Level” was very thought-provoking and motivating! There was so much invaluable content that I could not write fast enough! I felt that you used your time very wisely allowing enough time in the end for questions. You were also very engaging with the virtual audience. Thank you for your contributions and for sharing your knowledge with us!

-Carolyn A. Patterson-Kemper

M.S., CMP, DES Principal/Copywriter, CPK Writers

I have had some opportunities to work with Dr. Assegid Habtewold since 2019. The opportunity gave me a chance to watch his presentation firsthand. Following the event, I invited him to have a group coaching session with my leadership team. The opportunity gave us a chance to learn new leadership nuggets plus a chance to ask him some questions to get his perspectives. He shared fresh and empowering insights and approaches that we still practice to date. We used the consultative session to assess where we were, what was working very well, and what we might need to change to take our organization to the next height. The overall experience was very fruitful and we look forward to having similar sessions with him whenever he visits Addis. 

-Samuel Bekele

CEO of Spotlight Communications Ltd.

Fortunate enough to attend a presentation led by Assegid and sponsored by Frederick County SHRM. AZ was engaging, interactive with the audience and provided specific knowledge on feedback frameworks. These key takeaways made the information tangible and easy to apply in any feedback discussion- whether those conversations were with family and friends, C-suites or colleagues. Looking forward to applying some of his advice to achieve a healthy and transparent culture.

-Brooke Warburton

Grants and Training Project Manager for techfrederick

I'd like to encourage supervisors, managers, and business owners to consider signing up for any, or all, of the upcoming online courses being offered by my friend and fellow Toastmaster, Dr. Assegid (AZ) Habtewold. I've known Assegid since 2013 and watched a few of his presentations, including a customized presentation on “Soft Skills” that he gave to a Joint Open House of five Toastmasters clubs, a few years ago.

-Krish Murti

Academic Coach at Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

Dr. AZ is a speaker full of energy and a wealth of knowledge! Great smiles, too! 

-Rachel Sheerin

Keynote Speaker and Emcee

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