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Dr. Chuck Bowen


Senior Enterprise Architect, Ignite IT

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Assegid (AZ) Habtewold since we were students in the Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) program at Regent University in 2009. AZ and I were in the same cohort and student group for several semesters. AZ provided the insight of a scientist and the cultural experience of a refugee and true outsider to our group. Through shared experience, dialogues and projects we learned together and from each other and became a high-performing team. Of the wonderful relationships I experienced in those four years at Regent, AZ’s enthusiasm and joy have always been a bright space.

AZ leads by example drawing from decades leading research teams, starting organizations and facilitating learning events across the country and globally. He also leads from the heart; he knows the anguish of separation; of being a refugee and leaving everything behind. He can offer wise counsel because he knows the challenges of leadership and the depths of heartache.

AZ is a visionary and entrepreneur. He started Pro-Leadership while we were still students and lead and grew this organization to impact the minority community to train and raise-up new leaders. He is a popular author, seminar leader, coach and facilitator for Success Pathways, LLC. He brings a positive vision of change, growth and opportunity to students, stakeholders and organizational leaders wherever he goes.

I believe you will enjoy the courses AZ has prepared. His teaching style is very personal. These courses have the familiarity of a personal coaching session; as if you were sitting across the table enjoying a coffee with your mentor. However, you have the advantage of listening to them again and again; of going back to the well to draw a fresh drink. Enjoy the structure, drink from the well and keep coming back.

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