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Dr. Tigist Belete


Country Representative, PRO Leadership Global Inc.

Hello, my name is Dr.Tigist Belete. I am the country Representative for Pro-leadership Global, here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I first met Dr. Assegid at his conference here. I had the pleasure of attending both his workshop and TOT. I can still remember those days of training, I was in complete awe. It was my first time seeing a dynamic leader like him. If you ever had a chance to have met him, I am sure you have noticed how he is an inspirational African leader. His advice and tips have empowered me to be a better, brighter leader in my personal and work life. I have the honor of personally being mentored by him, which has immensely been helpful as a first-timer country representative. Our world needs more people like him! If you are reading this, it must be for a reason. If you are in a slump in your career or social life or just trying to work on your leadership skills, I strongly encourage you to check out his workshop, online courses, and of course his books. I hope you will have a great experience with it as I have had. Thank you!

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