Unchain Your Greatness

Everyone is greatness material. We all are endowed with unlimited potential. Greatness is chained within us waiting to be unleashed. Unfortunately, in every generation, very few unchain their greatness. The overwhelming majority fails to attain any level of greatness at all.

In ‘Unchain Your Greatness’, the author recognized the four stages the great ones from diverse cultures and generations passed through to achieve their inherent greatness. Those who unchained their greatness were like everyone else except that they followed four straightforward steps (the 4 E’s). They Explored, Enacted, Endured, and Emancipated their greatness to the fullest.

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The great ones explored and discovered what predisposed them to manifest greatness. They took bold actions based on their findings. Those who attained greatness also faced numerous obstacles as a result of taking massive actions and pursuing the road to greatness. However, they endured, outlasted continual setbacks, emptied themselves, and ultimately emancipated the greatness shackled within and left enduring legacies.

On top of providing the model the great ones adopted to unchain their greatness to the fullest, the book narrates the stories of great men and women from different religions, age-groups, and fields to show you the attitude and mindset they had as they progressed through these four simple phases. It also shares with you what the great ones discovered, the actions they took, the challenges they overcame, and the legacies they left because they unchained their greatness to the fullest.

Outline of the book:



The Four Stages of Greatness

Part I: Explore to Discover Your Greatness

Chapter 1: Source of your greatness

Chapter 2: Seat of your greatness

Chapter 3: Reason for your greatness

Part II: Enact on Your Discoveries

Chapter 4: Have a now or never attitude

Chapter 5: Go all in

Chapter 6: Give your purpose prime attention

Part III: Endure While Unchaining Your Greatness

Chapter 7: Embrace challenges

Chapter 8: Outlast setbacks

Chapter 9: Develop comeback power

Part IV: Emancipate Your Greatness to the Fullest

Chapter 10: Cross the finish line

Chapter 11: Empty yourself

Chapter 12: Leave an enduring legacy



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