Success is not a solitary journey. Let’s take it together...

  • Do you want to inspire, challenge, and grow your people holistically to tap into their unlimited potential and manifest their highest selves?
  • Are you passionate about transforming your team, organization, and community to fulfill its mandate, meet its goals, improve productivity, become the best in what you do, and provide world-class products and services? 

Success Pathways is here to answer that call. We work with you to construct the bridge that leads you to your ultimate individual and corporate destiny Brick by Brick...

We are a universal development platform that paves the journey of success from a deep personal awareness within — to all the incredible corporate connections and achievements we build together. To fulfill our mandate, we built four Success Pathways focused on holistic (all-around) growth.

From individual to the organization, we know how to define success

In many ways, an organization is like an individual — where different personalities, talents, gifts, and experiences define the greater whole. So what if we use the concept of holistic development, and build up the individual to build up the greater organization?

That’s exactly what we do at Success Pathways, where we inspire, challenge, equip, and empower individual team members into a thriving team or organization that functions like a well-oiled machine. Brick by Brick, using our well-defined four development Pathways, we help you build your people and create a conducive work environment with a vibrant culture to become the creative, reliable, and productive powerhouse favored by your clients. We are with you on the journey until you realize your vision, serve your stakeholders with world-class products and services, and ultimately become great in your own unique ways. 

How are we different from other similar organizations? 

Why should you choose us? Unlike others in our space:  

We don't:
  • Build a gigantic bridge that takes you from where you're now to your destiny at once
  • Promise just to fix the issues you're facing now
  • Follow bandage approaches
  • Offer shortcuts to achieve mere success
  • Employ methods for cosmetic and superficial changes
  • Meet just your expectations
  • Seek transactional relationships and partnerships
  • Use off-shelf materials
  • Focus just helping you achieve short-term goals 
  • Assist you to just set the bar of your industry
We do: 
  • Build the bridge brick by brick until you arrive at your glorious destiny as quickly as possible
  • Promise holistic growth to outgrow your issues
  • Follow transformational processes
  • Offer principles that deliver lasting impact
  • Employ strategies to disrupt the status quo for sustainable change
  • Meet & even exceed your expectations 
  • Seek meaningful and lasting relationships & partnerships
  • Use customized materials
  • Help you meet both short & long-term goals
  • Assist you to raise & even become the bar in your industry


We answer your commitment to transformation and growth

Our benefits are far-reaching, and they touch on everything from personal wellness to a model of industry excellence. All Pathways lead to success and let you:  

  • Aim high
  • Meet your goals
  • Tap into your unlimited potential
  • Achieve top performance
  • Collaborate and align seamlessly
  • See opportunities in conflict
  • Promote synergy & harmony
  • Outlast setbacks and overcome failure
  • Emanate confidence and demonstrate resilience
  • Become world-class in life, career, industry, and community

Which pathway is right for you to take?

We inspire and empower individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to reach new heights, become world-class, and ultimately great in their own unique ways through 4 Success development Pathways focused on holistic growth of all their parts. Transformation, continuous improvement, and success are simply the natural byproducts.

Take one. Take them all. Whether you want to reach your organizational SMART goals, excel in leadership, or experience a quantum leap in personal and spiritual growth, we have a Pathway for you.

1. Organizational Development pathway  

An organizational culture is the reflection of beliefs and practices that members share. Our organizational development Pathway transforms yours into a unique and productive culture and equips members to develop strong soft skills and communicate effectively. It also empowers new supervisors, managers, and executives to transition seamlessly into new roles and excel in their positions. Learn More >>

2. Leadership Development pathway 

We improve leadership qualities that align the unique needs of the organization with the mindset, skillset, and character set necessary to go to the next level. This Pathway develops the leadership traits of emerging, middle and senior leaders so that their organizations foster holistic growth towards achieving a mutually shared purpose through world-class leadership excellence. Learn More >>

3. Personal Development pathway 

Enlightened by personal development, individuals can recognize their uniqueness, discover purpose, envision, and succeed through a values-driven lifestyle. This Pathway teaches how to increase self-awareness, develop self-discipline, achieve personal mastery, and become great in their own unique ways that benefit individuals and organizations as a whole. Learn More >>

4. Spiritual  Development pathway 

Developing spiritual consciousness grants anyone, regardless of religious background, spiritual awakening, mindfulness, creativity, and calm. Our spiritual development Pathway deepens spiritual understanding, promotes spiritual growth, and increases spiritual intelligence, provides spiritual practices that uphold our best version — even in the face of stress, pressure & conflict. Learn More >>

Which service takes you there?

For each Success Pathway, we extend our scientific, research-based, and proven development support in the form of 4 unique services tailor-made to your industry and organization goals.


Engaging, high-impact presentations that empower the audience to experience transformation through concepts and strategies founded in science, case studies and inspiring stories. 30 - 90 minutes in length. Learn More >>


Individual and group coaching sessions with our certified coaches who use self and multi-rater assessment tools for accelerated development and change. 30 - 60 minutes in length per session. Learn More >>


Customized standalone workshops and cohort programs to deepen learning and attain lasting transformation. Our programs are interactive, dynamic, and aim at raising world-class team members and leaders. Learn More >>


Result-oriented consulting service to complement our other programs and also support our Clients & Partners. We've three levels of consulting: Feedback, One-on-One Consulting, and Implementation. Learn More >>

Meet our CEO

Dr. Assesgid (AZ) Habtewold is an advocate for the A to Z of Holistic growth.

He believes that he is called to serve those individuals, teams, organizations, and communities that detest mediocrity, refuse to stay average, and those who aim at becoming world-class and great in what they do in their own unique ways by growing holistically.

If you guessed by his name that his story began elsewhere, you’d be right. AZ is originally from Ethiopia and came to the US in 2005.  

Even before moving to the US, while he was still in his native country, AZ was subconsciously laying the groundwork brick by brick for who he has become today and what makes him passionate about Holistic Growth.

Back home in Ethiopia and still today, AZ spends a considerable amount of time reading diverse books, befriending people outside of his industry, and volunteering to serve in fields outside his comfort zone.

Everything AZ has done in his life pointed to learning, growing all around, improving constantly, and then contributing to the betterment of the world around him.

Today, AZ is deeply grateful for his journey and achievements, but his work is unfinished — because it continues with you.

Tell Me More

Who do we serve?

We partner with individuals, leaders, and organizations fully committed to their development and growth


The ideal candidates for Success Pathways are those:

  • Underdogs but vowed to be topdogs in their industry
  • Obscure but committed to become great in their own unique ways
  • Mediocre but determined to be world-class in what they do
  • Topdogs but swore to never entertain complacency
  • Successful but pledged to constantly raise & even become the bar

Qualities of the ideal candidate include:

  1. Passionate
  2. Visionary
  3. Frustrated with mediocrity
  4. Impatient with stagnation and poor productivity
  5. Intolerant of the status quo
  6. Eager to learn and grow
  1. Seeking to transform themselves and those around them for the better
  2. Refusing to make superficial changes only
  3. Audacious enough to step out of their comfort zone
  4. Daring to unlearn and relearn
  5. Committed to excellence in life and work

If you believe you have any or all of these qualities, we can’t wait to meet you — and get you where you want to be.  Email us at [email protected] and let's chat.

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