Everyone has the potential to attain greatness in their own unique ways during their lifetime. Here we're not talking about any kind of greatness but the highest level of greatness. This journey towards your birthright of greatness, though a protracted and twisted journey, the great ones from diverse cultures passed through four stages before they tapped into their unlimited potential, crossed the finish line, served with world-class excellence, died empty leaving an enduring legacy. We've motivational speeches, keynotes, and programs designed based on the books: ''The Highest Level of Greatness' and 'Unchain Your Greatness'.


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Books on Greatness

The following two books will empower you on your journey toward your birthright of greatnes. Click the images to learn more about each book and also order the print and Kindle versions from Amazon and download the eBooks right away and read.

Unchain Your Greatness

Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome is available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

The Highest Level of Greatness

The eBook version of the book is available. Download and begin reading it right away.

Frequently requested

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One-on-one coaching to discover your purpose in life; visualize your vision; discover and define, and demonstrate commitment toward your core values (what matter the most, your non-negotiables) as you step into your greatness and pursue the highest level of greatness.

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The great ones you admire from diverse cultures were like you, underdog and average, before they stepped into their greatness. This presentation empowers participants to step into their birthright of greatness to unleash their greatness, pass through those common four stages (the great ones from diverse cultures passed through) successfully.

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Rewire Your Brain Rewire Your Destiny program

Underdogs consciously, mostly unconsciously, believe that where they're in life, living under what they truly deserve, is their fate. As a result, they don't think that it is possible to redefine their destiny.  This presentation provides very practical insights, approaches, strategies, and tactics to quickly transform one’s epigenetic profile and ultimately begin a new journey toward one’s glorious destiny transforming their life from underdog to topdog within a reasonable period of time.

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You're greatness material

In this video clip, the author of 2 books on Greatness encourages people, especially underdogs and minorities to believe that they are greatness material. He clarifies what is and what isn't greatness since there are lots of misunderstandings that prevent many from embracing greatness and becoming great.

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