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Succeeding without having an organization that functions like a well-oiled machine is impossible. Creating such an organization requires relentlessly working on the organization's culture, managers at all levels especially the new ones, and the soft skills of your people. 

  • Do you want to inspire, challenge, and equip your first-time supervisors, managers, and executives to develop confidence, get along well, and deliver results from the get-go? 
  • Are you interested to convience your people and ask them play their fair share in creating and sustaining a unique corporate culture that creates a conducive internal atmosphere and a competitive edge against your rivals? 
  • Do you desire your people to appreciate the critical roles soft skills play and equip them to take their people skills to the next level?   

We can help. We design and deliver organizational development presentations that inspire, challenge, inform, and equip:

  • Team members,
  • Admin staff,
  • Supervisors,
  • Managers, and
  • Executives to fulfill their mandate and meet their individual and corporate goals for organizational success.

Our organizational development presentations focus on four aspects of your organization: 

  1. Culture. Forming a new organization with a unique corporate culture that advances the mission, protects the vision, aligns with the brand, and is based on the core values of the organization. Or reforming the existing corporate culture.
  2. System. Help you create a system, automate your processes, and scale your organization.
  3. People. Supporting new supervisors, managers, and executives to make a smooth transition and excel in their new leadership roles. Developing the organizational competencies (capacities) of team members, admin staff, supervisors, managers, and executives so that they may fulfill their job description and play their fair share toward the success of their teams, departments, and ultimately the organization. 

Our presentations are:

  • Based on the latest insights in the field of organizational development,
  • Inspirational stretching participants to understand the power of culture, take their management and people skills to the next level, and
  • Challenging participants to create and nurture their teams until they function like a well-oiled machine,
  • Practical providing models, tools, strategies, and tactics that enable participants to create and reform their culture that allows the inhabitants to live in harmony, and synergy, get along well with diverse stakeholders and perform at their best bringing their A-game from within.

The organizational development keynote speeches below may also interest you for your next event. Fill Out & Submit the Online Speaker Request Form. And, we’ll work with you to customize the speech you are interested in by working with you closely.

1. Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome

Describing 1st timer syndrome and why it occurs; how to overcome it quickly; the mindset, skill-set, and character-set first-timers should develop immediately. 

2. Effective performance-driven feedback

Explaining the three types of feedback; where they are relevant to use; how to give effective feedback that delivers results; and how to create a pro feedback culture.

3. Take advantage of setting and clarifying expectations immediately

Emphasizing the importance of setting and clarifying expectations with key stakeholders from the get-go to start one’s new leadership role on the right foot. 

4. Transform your culture, transform your organization

Showing the power of corporate culture, the benefits of having a unique and robust culture, how to create, sustain, and ultimately leverage your corporate culture to succeed and thrive in this highly competitive century, and how to align key stakeholders, products, and services of your organization alongside the shared values.

5. Creating an inclusive workplace that wins

Showing the difference between just bringing diverse people to the table, and achieving inclusion by mixing the diverse people at the table well. 

6. Benefiting from project management principles that worked for megaprojects

Inspiring your key stakeholders who sponsor, manage, and support your projects to apply those project management principles that worked for successful mega projects to enjoy remarkable results. 

7. Balancing tactical with strategic thinking for sustainable success

Encouraging employ strategic thinking in everything they do to add value toward the big picture and greater good, and long-term goals.

8. Managing priority and time for souring productivity

Demonstrating the impacts of mismanaging priorities and how that leads to an unproductive workforce, missed deadlines, wasted resources, poor quality products and services, damaged relationships, multiple crises, and more.

Note: Reach out and let's know which topic interests you and we'll provide details. Let's also know if you have any questions. 

How does it works?

Frequently requested

Below are the 3 frequently requested from our Organizational Development Presentations.


Reform your onboarding process

Many organizations have the same onboarding process both for employees and their new supervisors, managers, and executives. This presentation inspires HR professionals to reform their onboarding process, and shares three tips to reform their onboarding process to equip their new supervisors, managers, and executives, whether they promoted them from within or hired them from outside so that they can quickly overcome first-timer syndrome. 

Creating a pro feedback culture

All teams and organizations try their best to be the best and use different approaches to remain productive. Unfortunately, very few go the extra mile to establish a pro feedback culture to enjoy continuous performance improvement in season and out of season. This presentation suggested three things you could do to create a pro feedback culture.


Transfer your culture, transform your organization

Teams and organizations that understand the inherent power of culture know that they cannot experience true transformation without first transforming the underlining culture. These few are the ones thriving even in bad times. This presentation encourages you to transform your culture, the steps you should take, and the roles of key stakeholders.

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How does it work?

  1. Choose the specific topic that aligns with your event, fill out and submit the online Speaker Request Form.
  2. If you don't see the exact topic you're looking for, no worries, we will work with you to design from scratch as far as we have the expertise
  3. We will evaluate your request and see if we're the right fit and have availability.
  4. We'll schedule a 1 on 1 call and work with you to customize the presentation to:
  • Meet your needs,
  • Resonate with the audience,
  • Align with your culture and preference.
  • We don’t stop there. If you would like to have follow-up programs to keep the learning momentum going, we have other services such as coaching (individual or group), and programs (Stand-alone full-day or half-day workshops/webinars or cohort programs that last for weeks, and even months).
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