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Synopsis and Learning Objectives

Click the links below to read (download) the one-page Synopsis and Learning Objectives for each of the three topics included in the one-sheet. They will give you some ideas about the kind of speech (blog/interview discussion points) you will be getting. And of course, Dr. AZ will customize each speech, blog, and interview to meet your needs and align with your preferences.

1. Make a smooth transition and excel at your 1st time leadership role

2. Excel in providing performance-driven feedback to deliver results quickly

3. Setting and clarifying expectations right away by sharing your leadership philosophy

4. Reforming your onboarding process to empower your new leaders to overcome 1st timer syndrome


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"On behalf of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Silver Spring Chapter, we are grateful for the insightful and very interesting presentation "Effective Feedback Exchanges: How to create & nurture a feedback culture for soaring productivity" you provided to our membership on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. The content was received with enthusiasm and will definitely strengthen any project management professional's toolkit. Our members provided favorable feedback for your keynote, and found it interactive, engaging, and practical." David Craig, President of PMI Silver Spring Chapter.

"We had Dr. Assegid Habtewold present for the Winchester Area SHRM regular chapter meeting in November 2021. Bottom line - He was excellent.

His topic was on empowering new leaders to excel in their first-time leadership role and Dr. Habtewold did a fantastic job. To my surprise, it was not simply about "front-line supervisors" being promoted from non-supervisory roles, from an HR perspective there were a lot of great nuggets for those making any sort of transition no matter how high in the organization chart.

We received a lot of great feedback from the members and look forward to hearing from Dr. Habtewold again in the future. I'd definitely recommend him for your next SHRM chapter meeting or State Council conference." Dave Miles, Ph.D. - President, Winchester Area SHRM


I. Blogs Dr. AZ wrote:

1. Two customized short blogs for Meeting Professionals International (PMI) based on the book:

1.1. Overcome 1st Timer Syndrome and Take Your Next New Leadership Role (Scroll down, my article is in the middle)

1.2. Time to Serve Your Association at Board Level

2. A short blog for Association for Talent Development (ATD), "How to excel in receiving and providing effective feedback"

II. Podcast interviews Dr. AZ appeared: 

2.1. Conversations on Leadership with Dr. Dave.

2.2. Potomac Cast by Troy Peters: Part 1 and Part 2, and Part 3.

2.3. Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders by Dr. Scott J. Allen

III. Short Video clips:

3.1. Reforming Your onboarding process to equip your new leaders to overcome 1st timer syndrome

3.2. Creating a pro feedback culture to enjoy continuous performance improvement


More excerpts from the upcoming book:




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