Success Pathways (SPW) is committed to providing:

  • Inspirational,
  • Informative,
  • Empowering,
  • Engaging, and
  • Dynamic 30 – 90 minutes keynotes and motivational speeches for your future events such as Retreats, Conferences, Luncheons, and so on.

We understand that tapping into our limitless individual and collective potential, becoming world-class in what we do, and unchaining our greatness in our own unique ways is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation, encouragement, stretching. We all need inspiration on a consistent basis to continue to:

  1. Aim high,
  2. Build our capacity and grow,
  3. Get prepared, aim, and fire,
  4. Stay on course,
  5. Endure,
  6. Outlast setbacks we may face on the road toward greatness until we tap into our individual and corporate potential and ultimately unchain our greatness.

Our presentations are filled with:

  • Latest scientific discoveries,
  • Exemplary case studies,
  • Inspirational stories of great ones and world-class leaders,
  • Practical models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to see some meaningful results immediately.

They are designed to bring change in four major development areas:

  • Organizational,
  • Leadership,
  • Personal, and
  • Spiritual development.

Once you identify the development area and choose the topic for your next event, we will work with you to customize each presentation to:

  1. Meet your needs,
  2. Resonate with the audience,
  3. Align with your culture and preference. We don’t stop there. If you would like to have follow-up programs to keep the learning momentum going, we have other services such as coaching (URL), and programs (URL) that last for a full day, weeks, and even months (cohorts).

Below are some readily available presentations under each development area.

I. Organizational Development

We provide organizational development presentations that inspire, challenge, inform, and equip:

  • Team members,
  • Admin staff,
  • Supervisors,
  • Managers, and
  • Executives to fulfill their mandate and meet their individual and corporate goals for organizational success.

Our organizational development presentations focus on three major aspects of your organization: 

  1. Creating and nurturing the right organizational culture.
  2. Supporting new supervisors, managers, and executives to make a smooth transition and excel at their new leadership role.
  3. Building organizational capacity by developing the organizational competencies of team members, admin staff, supervisors, managers, and executives so that they may fulfill their job description and play their fair share toward the success of their teams, departments, and ultimately the organization. 

Below are just a few readily available topics that may interest you. By the way, they aren’t the final products. We will work with you to customize each by working with you closely.

1.1. Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome: How to make a smooth transition and excel at your 1st-time leadership role

Based on his recently published book ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome’, Dr. AZ shares some latest insights, practical approaches, strategies, and tactics to empower new supervisors, managers, and executives to make a smooth transition and excel at their new leadership role. In this presentation, he talks about 1st timer syndrome and why it occurs; how to overcome it quickly; the mindset, skill-set, and character-set first-timers should develop immediately. AZ also suggests how senior leaders and HR departments should support 1st timers in their organizations to make a smooth transition and excel in their first-time leadership roles by going beyond the conventional onboarding process.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand why the 1st timer syndrome occurs and its manifestations.
  • Avoid or at least minimize the syndrome’s impacts at individual and organizational levels.
  • Makeshift in mindset, develop the necessary competencies and build the right personality from the get-go to overcome 1st timer syndrome quickly.
  • Appreciate the significance of going beyond the conventional onboarding approach to fully support and empower new leaders to make a smooth transition and excel in their new leadership roles.
  • Get some insights and approaches to create a support system and transition programs relevant to new leaders at various leadership stages.
  • And more.

1.2. Effective performance-driven feedback: How to provide consistent and constructive feedback to deliver results quickly

In this presentation based on his recently published book, ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome’, Dr. AZ equips new supervisors, managers, and executives to deliver quick results and overcome first-timer syndrome by providing effective performance-driven feedback right out of the gate than waiting for the end of the year performance appraisal. He will share the three types of feedback; where they are relevant to use; how to give effective feedback that delivers results; and how to create a pro feedback culture.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Recognize the vital roles effective feedback plays for soaring productivity and a healthier workplace.
  • Be introduced to simple processes that guide them to provide and receive feedback with ease.
  • Practice providing effective feedback that delivers quick results.
  • Recognize when, where, and how to give constructive, and if necessary tough criticisms effectively.
  • Get a sample template for providing effective performance feedback.
  • Learn the benefits of a pro feedback culture and how to create, nurture, and leverage such a culture.
  • And more.

1.3. Take advantage of setting and clarifying expectations immediately: Setting the right tone with your new team by sharing your leadership philosophy

Based on his recently published book, 'Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome', Dr. AZ talks about the importance of setting and clarifying expectations with key stakeholders from the get-go to start one’s new leadership role with the right foot. He explains the need for newly promoted leaders to set the tone and in turn set themselves, their teams, and the organization up for success from the start. AZ shows how to use one’s leadership philosophy to set and clarify expectations from the get-go. AZ also shares the most important elements of leadership philosophy (using his own leadership philosophy as an example), how to communicate, and follow through one’s leadership philosophy to become predictable, consistent, authentic, and credible right out of the gate.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Recognize the importance of setting and clarifying expectations from the get-go.
  • Acknowledge the direct and indirect consequences of not setting expectations right away.
  • Appreciate why using leadership philosophy to set and clarify expectations helps them to set the tone and quickly set up themselves and their team for success.
  • Understand the key elements of leadership philosophy.
  • Articulate (refine) their own leadership philosophy.
  • Learn how to share their leadership philosophy and follow-through.
  • And more.

1.4. Transform your culture, transform your organization: How to create, nurture, and leverage a unique and robust culture for a competitive edge

By tapping into the research he has done and the experience he developed over the years by helping diverse organizations transform their cultures, Dr. AZ inspires, informs, and empowers your people to create, nurture, and leverage a unique and robust culture to remain competitive. He explains the power of corporate culture, the benefits of having a unique and robust culture, how to create, sustain, and ultimately leverage your corporate culture to succeed and thrive in this highly competitive century, and how to align key stakeholders, products, and services of your organization alongside the shared values.

At the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the power of a unique and robust culture and the benefits of having such a vibrant culture.
  • Recognize the consequences of a dysfunctional corporate culture.
  • Recognize the four types of corporate cultures and identify the one relevant for their organization.
  • Know how to create a unique corporate culture that constantly gives a competitive edge.
  • Learn how to nurture and maintain a robust culture by putting in place some processes, ground rules, and providing incentives to encourage organizational alignment at the team, department, and organizational levels.
  • Align their people (products and services) alongside the shared corporate values to overcome misalignments.
  • Leverage the unique and robust culture to unite and engage their people and other stakeholders

1.5. Creating an inclusive workplace that wins: How to build a truly inclusive organization (team) to tap into the full potential of your diverse workforce

As a person who lived in two different cultures and a learning professional who has been empowering organizations for years to embrace diversity and create inclusive workplaces, in this presentation, Dr. AZ inspires your people to embrace diversity, and create a truly inclusive workplace. He shows them the difference between just bringing diverse people to the table, and achieving inclusion by mixing the diverse people at the table well. AZ also increases your people’s cultural intelligence, helps them uncover their unconscious biases, reduces culture shocks when they communicate with people from different cultures, avoids committing deadly cultural sins when crossing cultures for the first time, and more. He also empowers your people to improve their cross-cultural communication competencies, and in turn, get along with their diverse peers, supervisors, and clients better.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Craft working definitions of diversity and inclusion, and how they apply to their organization.
  • Build a strong business case for diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase their cultural sensitivity by knowing the main differences between the two major cultural divides in the world.
  • Improve their cross-cultural communication skills to communicate effectively with their teammates, leaders, and stakeholders from other cultures.
  • Come up with some strategies and a short- and long-term plan to increase theirs and their team members’ cultural intelligence.
  • Explore their own unconscious biases and recognize which behaviors are manifested from these biases, and how to deal with them to play their fair share to create a more welcoming and inclusive culture.
  • Identify cultural barriers and gaps that have been denying the organization from meeting its diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Know the meaning and impacts of stereotypes and hidden biases, and how to help their people to uncover and defeat them to tap into the individual and collective full potential of their team members.

1.6. Benefiting from project management principles that worked for megaprojects: Turning everything into a project to enjoy extraordinary productivity and remarkable results

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and trainer who has been empowering project managers by providing public seminars and onsite workshops for years, Dr. AZ shows your people how most projects fail because of failure in project management than any other single factor. He then inspires your key stakeholders who sponsor, manage, and support your projects to apply those project management principles that worked for successful mega projects to enjoy remarkable results. AZ empowers your people to turn all ongoing operations into projects (mini-projects) and follow the most important principles of project management throughout the lifecycle of your large and small projects alike to achieve your goals, maximize resources, and meet (even exceed) the expectations of key stakeholders.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Learn the principles of project management that allow mega projects to succeed and how to apply these to their large and small projects alike to deliver results on time, within budget, and by meeting the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Break down a project into sub-projects and manageable tasks and assign the latter to project team members.
  • Identify major milestones, checkpoints, and craft SMART goals and objectives for the overall project team and individual members.
  • Recognize the key deliverables under each phase of project management.
  • Get some insights, frameworks, strategies, and tactics on how to rally all stakeholders to execute their plan, communicate effectively, monitor, and make changes successfully.
  • Understand how to finish strong, learn lessons, and close a project successfully.


1.7. Balancing tactical with strategic thinking for sustainable success: Going beyond focusing only on the immediate to embracing the big picture to remain effective in the long term

In this presentation, as a learning professional who has been facilitating strategic planning sessions and someone who has been empowering supervisors, managers, and executives to develop strategic thinking, Dr. AZ shows the danger of just focusing on the immediate and becoming solely tactical to survive, compete, and stay alive by meeting immediate needs and addressing urgent matters and crises in the now. He inspires participants to employ strategic thinking in everything they do to add value toward the big picture and greater good, and long-term goals. He empowers your people to keep the balance to be successful both in the short and long term.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the price an organization may pay, if not immediately in the long run, if its people only think tactical to meet immediate needs neglecting the big picture.
  • Learn the difference between tactical and strategic thinking, and how they complement one another.
  • Audit and see where they spend most of their time, energy, and resources.
  • Make a shift to balance between the tactical and strategic if they lost balance.
  • Get some strategic planning tools they can use to facilitate strategic thinking and planning sessions.
  • Build a culture that discourages sacrificing the future to survive and thrive just in the now.

 1.8. Managing priority and time for souring productivity: Transcending conventional time management approaches to deliver extraordinary results on a consistent basis

From his years of experience facilitating time management workshops, Dr. AZ shares how highly performing organizations go beyond the conventional time management approach to managing their scarcest resource to drive productivity. He shows the impacts of mismanaging priorities and how that leads to an unproductive workforce, missed deadlines, wasted resources, poor quality products and services, damaged relationships, multiple crises, and more. Dr. AZ also inspires participants to create a culture that honors time to meet both long- and short-term goals, maximize the use of resources, leverage talents, achieve more for less, and remain competitive by delivering extraordinary results on a consistent basis, and more.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:
• Excel in prioritizing where they will focus on the tasks with the greatest impact on them and their organization
• Learn how to set long and short-term goals, strategizing, prioritizing, scheduling, and protecting our scarcest resources Prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient and productive manner
• Control their workload rather than spend each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis
• Handle distractions and time-wasters better
• Manage stress, and improve work-life balance
• Begin practicing effective delegation to free some time from their schedule to do other top priorities
• Develop high-performance habits and rituals to manage important tasks effortlessly

  • Know how to use technologies and the latest platforms to manage time effectively

II. Leadership Development

We provide leadership development presentations that motivate, stretch, and empower:

  • Emerging,
  • Middle, and
  • Senior Leaders to become world-class.

Our organizational development presentations focus on three major leadership development areas:

  1. Mindset (attitude),
  2. Skillset (competencies), and
  3. Character set (personality) to empower leaders at various stages to lead self, get along with others, and influence others to bring lasting changes and transformations within their teams, organizations, and communities to tap into the opportunities the 21st century presents and overcome the challenges the new era poses.

The available topics below may interest you. Of course, we’ll work with you to customize each by working with you closely.

2.1. Becoming world-class leader of the 21st Century: Developing the key traits to lead your organization (team, community) to tap into the opportunities the century offers and overcome the challenges it poses

In this presentation based on an upcoming book in 2022 on the same theme, Dr. AZ inspires, inform, challenge, and equip your leaders to aspire to become world-class in what they do by developing certain leadership traits necessary in the new era. He also empowers your leaders to go beyond the 20th century mindset, develop competencies, personality, and character necessary to become world-class leaders of the 21st century. 

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Realize that the 21st century is unique and different from its predecessors.
  • Audit and see if they are still dependent on the principles and perspectives of the past century.
  • Begin developing the necessary leadership attributes very relevant and mandatory in the 21st century.
  • Be clear about the 9 key attributes they should have individually and collectively.
  • Get the opportunity to refine some of these key attributes they already have and begin to develop the ones they lack.
  • Acquire some strategies and tactics to keep developing and refining the 9 must-have marks of word-class leaders of the 21st century.

2.2. Grow holistically and take your organization to the next height: Creating a holistic leadership development program to raise world-class leaders who are ready for the next level

As an international leadership expert for over a decade, who designs and delivers leadership development programs for some government agencies, corporations, and community organizations, Dr. AZ will equip your leaders to recognize the kind of leadership development programs they need to design if their desire is to raise world-class leaders.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize the key attributes every leader should develop.
  • Identify the three evolutions every leader should pass through.
  • Appreciate the 3 stages every leader is going to pass.
  • Incorporate the above elements as they design (redesign) leadership development programs to become world-class and raise world-class leaders.
  • Know in which stage and evolution of leadership they are at and the key leadership attributes they have developed.
  • Succeed at the stage they are at and prepare to excel at the next stage of their leadership growth.

2.3. Turn conflicts into opportunities: How to excel in dealing with conflicts and negotiating to achieve win-win deals
In this presentation, based on his book 'Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success', Dr. AZ empowers your leaders to develop the right mindset and the necessary competencies to turn conflicts into opportunities. He inspires them to refrain from fearing nor hiding from conflicts, but rather turn conflicts into opportunities. AZ also equips participants to excel in negotiating to address those issues that require giving and taking to reach win-win deals.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of dealing with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size since if it is left unchecked or not resolved it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even lawsuits Appreciate the need to create a culture that encourages disagreements
  • Recognize the nature and sources of conflicts in their organization
  • Appreciate the different types of conflict resolution types
  • Get a workable formula to turn each conflict into an opportunity
  • Appreciate the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating.
  • Create a culture that encourages organized disagreement and set ground rules to enable your team to challenge the status quo and inferior ideas to tap into their creativity and come up with better alternative ideas
  • Get a negotiation process with some basic bargaining techniques
  • Develop a set of skills in solution building and finding common ground.
  • Know how to lay the groundwork for negotiation
  • Apply negotiating concepts to create win-win deals

2.4. Manage Change and Crisis Smoothly and Smartly: Developing the right mindset and putting in place robust systems and approaches to thrive amid change and crisis

In this presentation, based on an upcoming book in 2022 and his experience facilitating workshops for his clients for years, Dr. AZ empowers your leaders to excel in initiating, implementing and sustaining change both in times of peace and crisis. He also equips them to be quick and agile to respond to constant changes in technologies, systems, laws and regulations, and the needs and priorities of their people and customers.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Learn the similarities and differences between planned and unplanned changes.
  • Create a learning culture that grows to handle changes and crises.
  • Know the different phases of change and what they should do under each phase and how to initiate and implement changes as smoothly as possibly
  • Get some workable models and the different phases of change Understand the different types of resistance to change and overcome and go beyond resistance to change
  • Offers the latest insights, perspectives, and approaches to equip your leaders to become change agents
  • Equips your leaders to inspire stakeholders, rally team members, communicate effectively, overcome resistance to change, and more.
  • Use strategies for aligning people with a change and appeal to emotions and facts
  • Develop resilience and flexibility in times of change and crisis

2.5. Take your emotional fitness to the next level: How to improve your well-being and those you lead, and the success of the organization by developing emotional resilience

In this presentation, based on his book 'Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success' and his work as a certified emotional intelligence expert, Dr. AZ motivates and equips to manage one’s and the emotions of others to improve relationships, resilience, and ultimately advance the mission of the organization. He also empowers them to constantly upgrade their emotional fitness to succeed at the level of leadership they are in, the challenges they are facing, and the complexity of relationships involved.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Recognize the roles of well-managed emotions and the negative consequences of unmanaged emotions
  • Increase their emotional awareness by recognizing emotions that visit them frequently
  • Develop the competencies necessary to manage and express their emotions productively
  • Demonstrate empathy, demonstrate vulnerability, connect at the emotional level, invoke inspiration, and ultimately tap into the full potential of their team members
  • Keep work-life balance, handle stress, and excel in sharing their emotions while still calm
  • Learn how to tap into theirs and the emotions of others to improve performance
  • Develop resilience, especially in times of change and crisis

2.6. 360˚ Communication: Developing all-around communication competencies for a healthy workplace and increased productivity

In this presentation, based on his book 'Soft Skills That Makes or Breaks Your Success', Dr. AZ emphasizes the critical role communication plays and the importance of becoming effective communicators at multiple levels in order to excel in 360 all-around communication both in-person and virtually. He also equips participants to overcome misunderstandings, miscommunications, and communication breakdowns, and take their communication competency to the next height.

Participants will learn:

  • Emphasizes the importance of connecting than just mere communication
  • Discusses that communication is a two-way street
  • Demonstrates the place of listening
  • Shows the different levels of listening
  • Explains Making tough conversations excellently
  • Encourages people to speak their mind, to listen, engage in tough conversations tactically and diplomatically without damaging relationships
  • Inspires to influence upward, break down silos by cross-pollinating, lead effective meetings to achieve productivity, present from the stage with confidence, and more

III. Personal Development

Our personal development presentations inspire, encourage, challenge, and empower individuals:

  • To realize that they are unique with unlimited potential.
  • To discover their purpose in life, envision, and demonstrate commitment to their values.
  • To demonstrate commitment and invest in their personal growth on a consistent basis to become the better version of themselves.

They focus on 3 major personal development stages:

  1. Self-awareness,
  2. Self-management, and
  3. Self-mastery.

Our presentations are also:

  • Based on the latest scientific discoveries in diverse fields such as psychology, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity.
  • Uplifting encouraging participants to believe that they are greatness material, candidates to become world-class in what they do, and
  • Challenging participants to discover their uniqueness, purpose in life, envision the accomplishment of their vision, pursue their glorious destiny until they unchain their greatness in their own unique ways by serving others, going beyond the finish line, dying empty, and ultimately leaving a legacy that continues long after they are left this planet.
  • Practical providing models, tools, strategies, and tactics that enable participants to tap into their limitless potential and bring out their A-game from within.

3.1. The highest level of greatness: Purpose-oriented, Vision-centered, and Values-driven greatness

Based on his book 'The Highest Level of Greatness', in this presentation, Dr. Az inspires individuals to aim for the highest level of greatness that transforms their life from underdog to great. He also offers them the opportunity to grade the different levels of greatness, choose the right one, and then equip themselves to discover their purpose, envision, and create their core values to attain the highest level of greatness. Dr. AZ will show examples for each level of greatness.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Recognize that they are candidates to become great in their own unique ways during their lifetime
  • Understand the different levels of greatness
  • Appreciate the highest level of greatness, and begin that journey by discovering their purpose, articulating their vision, and identifying their values

3.2. Unchain your greatness: Explore, Enact, Endure, and Emancipate your greatness to the fullest

This presentation is designed based on Dr. AZ's book 'Unchain Your Greatness'. The presentation empowers participants to step into their birthright of greatness to unleash their greatness. pass through those common four stages successfully, and wherever you may be on the continuum of greatness, you will go to the next level once you pass through this program.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the four stages the great ones from diverse cultures passed through
  • Recognize the actions they should take under each stage
  • Evaluate to see where they are on the spectrum of greatness, and go to the next stage

3.3. Rewire your brain, redefine your destiny: Transforming your life from underdog to topdog in the area of your passion by tapping into the latest discoveries in epigenetics and neuroplasticity

In this presentation based on an upcoming book in 2022 on the same theme, Dr. AZ inspires, informs, challenges, and empowers your people to tap into their full potential, and ultimately unchain their greatness. He reveals the four major barriers that keep many underdogs down and stay underdogs for the rest of their lives, and how to defeat these archenemies of underdogs by rewiring their brains. Dr. AZ provides very practical insights, approaches, strategies, and tactics to quickly transform one’s epigenetic profile and ultimately begin a new journey toward one’s glorious destiny transforming their life from underdog to topdog within a reasonable period of time.

At the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Realize that they have been already genetically and neurologically predisposed to accept their underdog fate 
  • Tap into neuroplasticity and begin rewiring their brain to override the neural pathways that predisposed them to accept their underdog status
  • Begin rewiring their brains to experience true and lasting transformation and ultimately become great in what they do
  • Learn how to redefine their destiny by rewiring their brains, signal their genes, and ultimately become one of the topdogs (great ones) in the field of their choice
  • Know how to think, believe, speak, decide, and act as if they are already one of the topdogs in their respective industries.
  • Develop elevated self-esteem.
  • Begin to build confidence in themselves and their ability to attain greatness in their own unique way, serve their organizations and communities, and ultimately leave an enduring legacy.

3.4. Developing positive psychology for undeniable results: Developing an unshakable positive attitude that empowers you to unchain your greatness

In this presentation based on an upcoming book in 2022 on the same theme, Dr. AZ inspires, inform, challenge, and equip your people to experience true transformation by transforming their mindset. He shares the process by which one’s psychology was formed, and how to disrupt that if it is disempowering. Dr. AZ also shows participants how to develop positive psychology that delivers undeniable results.

At the end of the program, participants will:

  • Appreciate how where they are in life is dependent on their psychology, the way they think, what they believe, and the attitude they have in life.
  • Recognize the vital place mindset plays for someone to become great in what they do.
  • Audit to see the kind of psychology they have and the beliefs they harbor that configured their current mentality.
  • Identify the major beliefs that make the winning psychology that deliver great results.
  • Understand the importance of these mandatory beliefs, how to develop each, and continue to refine to transform themselves and become one of the topdogs (great ones) in the field of their choice.
  • Be convinced that they can overcome all the odds, tap into their limitless potential, transform their lives, organizations, and community by developing positive psychology.

3.5. From Self-awareness to Self-mastery: How to attain greatness in your own unique ways by developing personal mastery

In this presentation based on an upcoming book in 2022 on the same theme, Dr. AZ inspires, challenges, and equips your people to increase their self-awareness, manage what they become aware of, and strive to attain personal mastery. He shares the life cycle of personal mastery. Dr. AZ also provides practical insights, approaches, strategies, and tactics under the 3 stages of personal mastery, which in turn enable them to unchain their greatness.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the lifecycle of self-mastery.
  • Know what to do to successfully pass through all the stages.
  • Get some tools, approaches, and tips that empower them on their journey toward attaining greatness in their own unique way by working on their personal growth.

IV. Spiritual Development

Dr. AZ believes that, unlike in the past, spirituality shouldn’t be left only to religious institutions and spiritual teachers, gurus, and monks. He admires those organizations that have already recognized the significant place of spirituality in the 21st century and began inviting spiritual gurus from diverse religious backgrounds into their workplace to invest in the spiritual growth of their people. Dr. AZ wants you to join these smart organizations and be part of the new spiritual evolution humanity is passing through. Our spiritual development presentations aim at:

  • Encouraging your people to recognize their spiritual side,
  • Inspiring participants to invest their time, energy, and resources to continually grow spiritually,
  • Sharing the latest spiritual discoveries, methods, and practices so that your people to take their spirituality to the next height,
  • Empowering participants to maximize their potential, seek fulfillment in what they do, and ultimately contribute their fair share toward the corporate success of their teams, organizations, and communities.

The presentations focus on 3 spiritual development stages:

  • Awakening one’s inner self,
  • Restoring self to where it should be, and ultimately
  • Evolving till one becomes his/her highest self.

4.1. Practicing mindfulness moment-by-moment: How to overcome stress and keep the work-life balance for soaring productivity and wellbeing

In this presentation, Dr. AZ talks about the importance of mindfulness in the workplace to manage emotions, overcome stress, and keep a work-life balance. He will share the latest insights, tools, and practices to develop mindfulness on a consistent basis. Dr. AZ empowers your people to develop spiritual resilience that enables them to perform at their best even if they pass through lots of stress and stormy situations while pursuing their passion to attain greatness in their own unique ways.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the connection between body-mind.
  • Recognize the latest scientific discoveries that show the benefits of practicing mindfulness moment-by-moment.
  • Manage and overcome stress with ease.
  • Improve their health and wellbeing, and the wellbeing of people around them.
  • Reduce stress while achieving peak performance
  • Pursue their passion till they unchain their greatness without hurting their health and relationships.

4.2. Embrace spirituality, take your leadership to the next level: Increasing your spiritual intelligence to take your organization to the next height

As the collective spirituality of humanity is increasing and many leaders of communities and organizations from diverse religious backgrounds have begun embracing spirituality and have seen significant changes and results. In this presentation, Dr. AZ inspires your leaders to embrace spirituality to take their leadership to the next height. He shares lessons from spiritual leaders that can be applied now to see significant and sustainable changes in your teams and organizations.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Appreciate the place of spirituality in leadership
  • Learn the benefits of incorporating spiritual practices in an organization
  • Recognize the key leadership attributes of successful spiritual leaders
  • Gain insights, tools, approaches, and strategies to increase their spiritual intelligence

4.3. Manifest the dream: Practicing a combination of spiritual principles to translate your organization’s vision into reality

In this presentation based on an upcoming book, Dr. AZ reveals key spiritual principles- if used in combination, that can empower one to succeed in translating a dream into reality. He shares some insights and approaches that enable leaders to manifest the dreams of their team and organization within a relatively short period of time.

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the key spiritual principles that operate in the invisible world
  • Learn how spirit influences and overrides mind and matter
  • Evaluate their past approach to manifest their dreams
  • Refine the spiritual principles they have been using
  • Practice new spiritual principles right away to move their dreams forward toward their realization.

4.4. From awakening to evolving to unchain your greatness: How to recognize your spiritual inner self, restore yourself till you become your highest self

In this presentation, Dr. AZ inspires participants to recognize their spiritual innermost side and continually evolve to become their best version. He also shows how to awaken their spiritual identity, continually evolve, and ultimately attain spiritual mastery. Unchain your individual and corporate greatness

At the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Be inspired to get in touch with their spiritual side by showing them the benefits of spirituality
  • Recognize the journey they should take from awakening and then evolving their soul to tap into their unlimited potential and ultimately attain their individual and corporate greatness.
  • Get tools, approaches, and strategies that equip them to grow spiritually.



  1. We can provide follow-up one-on-one or group coaching, a one-day workshop, or an intense program with multiple sessions to deepen the learning.
  2. We have also other programs to facilitate the holistic growth of your people so that they may tap into their full individual and collective potential, and become world-class in what they do and ultimately unchain their greatness. Check our website for more:
  3. Reach out to our team for any questions or further explanation at [email protected]


  • Fees vary with the type of engagement
  • Travel and accommodations are extra
  • Traveling from Maryland

If you’re interested in one of the above presentations, shoot us an email at [email protected] and mention the following information in the email and one of our team members will respond to your request in a timely fashion:

  1. Name of the organization
  2. Website
  3. Event's name
  4. Topic
  5. Place, date, and time of the event
  6. Duration of the speech
  7. Whether the request is pro bono or paid.
  8. Contact person and contact info
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