We understand that tapping into our limitless individual and collective potential, becoming world-class in what we do, unchaining our highest selves, and attaining greatness in our own unique way is a protracted and twisted journey, which needs constant motivation, encouragement, empowerment, and constant growth. We all need inspiration on a consistent basis to continue to:

  1. Aim high,
  2. Build our capacity and grow,
  3. Get prepared, aim, and fire,
  4. Stay on course,
  5. Endure,
  6. Outlast setbacks we may face on the road toward greatness until we tap into our individual and corporate potential and ultimately unchain our greatness.

Why should you choose us?

  • We're not like many training companies. We don't use off-shelf materials. We work with you very closely to customize each session by identifying your needs and aligning with your brand and corporate culture.
  • We don't lecture your people to death. Besides, our presentations adjust how much percentage of the time they should talk based on the level of knowledge participants have about the theme and their experience level.
  • We provide interactive and dynamic sessions. We follow the latest adult learning principles. Each session is filled with up-to-the-minute insights, diverse and inspiring stories; practical models, tools, strategies, and tactics; pairing, small, and large group discussions; and role plays.
  • We're very selective. We only work with leaders, teams, and organizations that aspire to become world-class in what they do, and are committed to being great in their own unique ways.
  • We're outcome and result-focused. Your people will get golden nuggets that can be implemented right away to see immediate results in the workplace or marketplace.
  • We're not cheap but over deliver. We don't compete on price in the expense of quality. We go beyond and above your expectations and the fee you'll be paying. 

Available Presentations

Choose the presentation you're interested in, and Fill Out, & Submit the Online Speaker/Facilitator Form. Once we get your request, we'll send you details, and arrange for one-on-one consultation to design and deliver the session. If you don't find the topic you're looking for or would like to review details of all the available themes we've before choosing, reach out and we'll send you our catalog.

1. Excelling as a 1st Time Supervisor or Manager

How to make a smooth transition and excel at your new leadership role from the get-go.

2. Leading from the Bottom Up Effectively

How to lead without title and authority and influence upward.

3. Leading from the Middle Successfully

How to excel as a middle manager leading from the middle.

4. Fundamentals of Executive Leadership

How to succeed as a new and recently promoted CEO or executive from the start.

5. Essentials of Successful Project Management

How to meet the expectations of key stakeholders by delivering your projects on time and within budget.

6. Turning Conflicts into Opportunities

How to succeed in dealing with conflicts and negotiating to achieve win-win deals. 

7. Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How to create, nurture, and sustain a highly inclusive culture that taps into the unlimited potential of all of your people.

8. Managing priority and time for souring productivity

How to prioritize, schedule, and protect your priorities avoid missing deadlines, wasting resources, delivering poor quality products and services, damaging relationships, and experiencing multiple crises.

9. Developing Emotional Fitness

How to increase emotional awareness and tap into and leverage your and the emotions of others to fulfill your mandate and attain results for the greater good.

10. Thriving amid Disruptive Change

How to develop the right mindset and put in place robust systems and approaches to thrive amid change and crisis. 

11. Balancing tactical with strategic thinking

How to balance strategic with tactical thinking, use strategize and plan to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

12. Speaking with Resolve and Impact

Communicating with tact to inspire the minds and change the hearts of your audience.  

13. Implementing Strategic Thinking & Planning

How to strategic thinking in everything you do to add value toward the big picture and greater good, and long-term goals while meeting short-term goals and achieving immediate results.

14. Practicing Mindful to Build Resilience

How to become mindful moment-by-moment to tap into the present, overcome fear and stress, and improve well-being, relationships, and performance. 

15. Transforming Your Culture to Transform Your Organization 

How to create, nurture, and leverage a unique and robust corporate culture for a competitive edge.

16. Giving Effective Feedback to Improve Performance & Collaboration

How to excel in giving performance-driven feedback to deliver extraordinary results, improve performance, and nurture relationships.

17. Excelling to Lead in Today’s Hybrid Workplace  

How to equip your leaders to set up a robust virtual or hybrid environment and adopt new communication protocols and strategies to excel in leading today's hybrid workplace.  

18. Leveraging Soft Skills for Personal and Organizational Success 

How to develop the people skills necessary to master yourself, become a team player, and lead your company to absolute success. 

19. Becoming Your Best Version and Attain the Highest Level of Greatness
How to pursue the right path toward greatness by leading a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven lifestyle. 
20. Following the Hidden Roadmap to Changing Your Life Forever and Achieving Greatness
How to explore, enact, endure, and emancipate your greatness to the fullest. 
21. Leveraging Personal Mastery to Attain Success

How to become world-class and attain greatness in your own unique ways by increasing your self-awareness.  

22. Awakening and Evolving Spiritually to Unchain Your Greatness  

How to recognize your spiritual inner self and restore yourself till you become your highest self.  

Note: Please reach out if you need details about the topic you're interested in. Let's also know if you would like to review our catalog, which contains the entire list of programs, their descriptions, and learning objectives.

Our presentations are filled with:

  • Latest scientific discoveries,
  • Exemplary case studies,
  • Inspirational stories of great ones and world-class leaders,
  • Practical models, tools, approaches, strategies, and tactics that can be used right away to see some meaningful results immediately.
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For which pathway do you need a presentation?

We've high-impact presentations for our 4  Success Pathways. Let's know which one you do need right now or in the near future. We look forward to serving you with world-class excellence.

1. Organizational Development Presentations

High-impact organizational development keynotes or workshops at your next event that inspire, inform, & equip your new supervisors, managers, and executives to make a smooth transition into their new roles; help your leaders create a unique culture or reform the existing culture; and improve the soft skills of your people to fulfill their mandates, communicate well, and get along with stakeholders. Learn More >>

2. Leadership Development Presentations

High-impact leadership development keynotes and workshops at your next event that inspire, inform, & equip your emerging, middle, and senior leaders to take their leadership mindset, skill set, and personality and character set to the next level. Learn More >>

3. Personal Development Presentations

High-impact personal development motivational speeches and workshops that motivate, challenge & empower your people at your next event to increase their self-awareness, and develop self-control and personal mastery. Learn More >>

4. Spiritual Development Presentations

High-impact spiritual development motivational speeches and workshops that motivate, challenge & empower your people at your next event to recognize their spiritual identity, align with the best version of themselves within, and evolve to manifest their highest self inside out. Learn More >>

How does it works?

Who do need our presentations?

1. Organizational Development. 

You need our organizational development presentations at one of your upcoming events if you would like us to inspire, inform, and equip your people:

a) if you just established or planning to establish a new organization and you desire to have a unique corporate culture that advances your mission, protects your vision, aligns with your brand, and is based on what matters the most for you (your core values);

b) if you have begun or planning to reform your existing culture that has become dysfunctional lately or not functioning optimally;

c) if you have new supervisors, managers, and/or executives who need some support to make a smooth transition and excel at their first-time managerial roles, and deliver results quickly;

d) if your people need to fully understand, begin developing, and refining one or more of the soft skills (people skills) that enable them to get along well, create synergy, harmony, and improve their individual and collective performance. 

2. Leadership Development. 

You need our leadership development presentations at your next gathering if you want us to motivate, stretch, and empower your leaders:

a) to sharpen their mindset to aim high, make bold decisions, and take massive actions that can take their respective teams, and in turn, the greater organization;

b) to develop and refine the necessary leadership competencies they need to serve the people they lead with world-class leadership excellence;

c) to cultivate solid personality and character that enable them to lead by example, inspire, mobilize, and influence others effectively;

d) to shoulder the responsibilities to initiate, implement, and sustain changes within their teams, at departmental, and organizational levels. 

3. Personal Development. 

You need our personal development presentations at one of your future events if you would like us to inspire, inform, and equip your people: 

a) to tap into their full potential;

b) to be self-aware and serve based on their strengths, by working on their limitations, and constantly uncovering their blind spots to become productive citizens, employees, and leaders;

c) to have self-control (discipline) to handle stress, conflict, and disruption well by developing personal mastery;

d) to grow within, pursue their passion, and have meaning in their work.   

4. Spiritual Development.

You need our spiritual development presentations at your next program if you want us to ignite interest and empower your people:

a) to recognize their spiritual side and become spiritually awake;

b) to tap into their spiritual inner self by using some practical tools and developing the necessary spiritual competencies to become the best version of themselves;

c) to grow and evolve spiritually to manifest their highest self inside out;

d) to become mindful, have peace of mind, innovate and create constantly bypassing the limitations of time and space.

Fill Out & Submit the Online Speaker/Facilitator Request Form

How does it work?


  1. Identify one of the development areas you're interested in for your upcoming event
  2. Choose the specific topic that aligns with your event, and fill out and submit the Online Speaker/Facilitator Request Form.
  3. If you don't see the exact topic you're looking for, no worries, we will work with you to design from scratch as far as we have the expertise
  4. We will evaluate your request and see if we're the right fit and have availability.
  5. We'll schedule a 1 on 1 call and work with you to customize the presentation to:
  • Meet your needs,
  • Resonate with the audience,
  • Align with your culture and preference.
  • We don’t stop there. If you would like to have follow-up programs to keep the learning momentum going, we have other services such as coaching (individual or group), and programs (cohort programs that last for weeks, and even months).
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