Transformation Strategist Releases New Book on Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome

SILVER SPRING, MD., USA, August 26, 2021-- Dr. Assegid Habtewold, a coach, speaker, and trainer at Success Pathways, has released his new book, “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome: 11 antidotes to thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls.” It is his sixth book. The book empowers emerging leaders to smoothly transition and excel in their first-time leadership roles.

“Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome” is currently available for preorder on Amazon, and will be released on August 26, 2021. The book contains the latest leadership insights, models, practical strategies and tactics. It is a must-read handbook for emerging leaders, especially those taking on leadership roles for the first time. The book has already risen to number one on Amazon’s new releases list and has garnered support from thought leaders such as Marshall Goldsmith, Eddie Turner, and David Burkus.

Dr. Habtewold has developed a strong reputation as a doctor of strategic leadership and transformation strategist, empowering leaders to leverage a unique culture for a competitive edge. He designs and delivers leadership development programs for emerging, mid-level, and senior leaders in the United States and Africa. His customized programs have the latest insights, practical tools, effective strategies and tactics, and workable models and frameworks. With “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome,” Dr. Habtewold brings his expertise to a broad general audience.

The book contains 11 antidotes, with one chapter for each. At the beginning of each chapter, readers will answer a few diagnostic questions to determine if they are infected with a particular symptom of 1st timer syndrome. The author then shares the latest leadership insights, practical tools, approaches, strategies and tactics that will work as antidotes to empower readers to overcome those symptoms they have been manifesting—to help them thrive beyond their first-time leadership role.

Explaining the main purpose of the book, Dr. Habtewold remarked, “It is a practical manual designed to offer you hands-on tools and approaches that you can practice right away. The more you practice what you learn, the quicker 1st timer syndrome goes away and the more your confidence is increased.” Asked who will benefit from the book, he stated, “Anyone can benefit from this book. However, the four main beneficiaries are: a) Recently promoted team leads, supervisors, project managers and business owners; b) Those who have been in their current first-timer position for a while; c) Aspiring first-timers; and d) Seasoned leaders who are coaching and mentoring first-timers in their organizations.”

Marshall Goldsmith, the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, said, “Get your first-time leadership role on the right foot with this excellent guide from Assegid Habtewold! With the latest leadership insights and tools, and tips to make a smooth transition, you can feel confident moving into your new leadership role. A must-read!”

Eddie Turner, called a Preeminent Authority on Emerging Leaders by Forbes and the number six ranked Motivational Speaker in the World by 2021 Global Gurus Top 20 Rankings, said, “Dr. Assegid Habtewold does a fine job adding his voice to the conversation about emerging leadership and the 1st timer syndrome by covering the key concepts needed for success.”

“Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome: 11 antidotes to thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls” is available in print and for Kindle from Amazon.

About The Author:
Dr. Assegid Habtewold is a coach, speaker and trainer at Success Pathways, LLC. He designs and delivers leadership development programs for emerging, mid-level and senior leaders in the U.S. and Africa. He is the author of six books including his latest book ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome’. He is also the producer and host of “Pick Yourself Up,” which airs on MMCTV channel 16. To read his full bio, click here.

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