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Managing priority and time for souring productivity

From our years of experience facilitating time management workshops, in this presentation, we share how high-performing organizations go beyond the conventional time management approach to managing their scarcest resource to drive productivity. The speech shows the impacts of mismanaging priorities and how that leads to an unproductive workforce, missed deadlines, wasted resources, poor quality products and services, damaged relationships, multiple crises, and more. It also inspires participants to create a culture that honors time to meet both long- and short-term goals, maximize the use of resources, leverage talents, achieve more for less, and remain competitive by delivering extraordinary results on a consistent basis, and more.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, participants will:

  • Excel in prioritizing where they will focus on the tasks with the greatest impact on them and their organization
  • Learn how to set long and short-term goals, strategizing, prioritizing, scheduling, and protecting our scarcest resources Prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient and productive manner
  • Control their workload rather than spend each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis
  • Handle distractions and time-wasters better
  • Manage stress, and improve work-life balance
  • Begin practicing effective delegation to free some time from their schedule to do other top priorities
  • Develop high-performance habits and rituals to manage important tasks effortlessly
  • Know how to use technologies and the latest platforms to manage time effectively
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Additional presentations

Below are also additional organizational development keynote speeches for your next event that may interest you. Of course, we’ll work with you to customize each by working with you closely. Click on the titles to learn the description and learning objectives for each presentation:

1. Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome  

The presentation explains 1st timer syndrome and why it occurs; how to overcome it quickly; the mindset, skill-set, and character-set first-timers should develop immediately. 

2. Effective performance-driven feedback 

In this presentation, participants will learn the three types of feedback; where they are relevant to use; how to give effective feedback that delivers results; and how to create a pro feedback culture. 

3. Take advantage of setting and clarifying expectations immediately 

This presentation emphasizes the importance of setting and clarifying expectations with key stakeholders from the get-go to start one’s new leadership role on the right foot.  

4. Transform your culture, transform your organization 

The presentation explains the power of corporate culture, the benefits of having a unique and robust culture, how to create, sustain, and ultimately leverage your corporate culture to succeed and thrive in this highly competitive century, and how to align key stakeholders, products, and services of your organization alongside the shared values. 

5. Creating an inclusive workplace that wins 

The presentation shows participants the difference between just bringing diverse people to the table, and achieving inclusion by mixing the diverse people at the table well.  

6. Benefiting from project management principles that worked for megaprojects 

The speech then inspires your key stakeholders who sponsor, manage, and support your projects to apply those project management principles that worked for successful mega projects to enjoy remarkable results.  

7. Balancing tactical with strategic thinking for sustainable success 

This presentation inspires participants to employ strategic thinking in everything they do to add value toward the big picture and greater good, and long-term goals. 


Frequently requested

Below are the 3 frequently requested Organizational Development presentations.


Reform your onboarding process

Many organizations have the same onboarding process both for employees and their new supervisors, managers, and executives. This presentation inspires HR professionals to reform their onboarding process, and shares three tips to reform their onboarding process to equip their new supervisors, managers, and executives, whether they promoted them from within or hired them from outside so that they can quickly overcome first-timer syndrome. 

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Creating a pro feedback culture

All teams and organizations try their best to be the best and use different approaches to remain productive. Unfortunately, very few go the extra mile to establish a pro feedback culture to enjoy continuous performance improvement in season and out of season. This presentation suggested three things you could do to create a pro feedback culture.

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Transfer your culture, transform your organization

This presentation emphasizes the importance of creating and nurturing a unique culture and to empower leaders at various levels of the organization to understand the power of culture and play their respective roles to contribute toward the creation and maintenance of the corporate culture. 

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