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Samuel Bekele


CEO, Spotlight Communications Ltd.

I have had some opportunities to work with Dr. Assegid Habtewold since 2019. I was one of the invited speakers when his organization launched an initiative that aimed to empower emerging leaders. The opportunity gave me a chance to watch his presentation first hand. Following the event, I invited him to have a group coaching session with my leadership team. The opportunity gave us a chance to learn new leadership nuggets plus a chance to ask him some questions to get his perspectives. He shared fresh and empowering insights and approaches that we still practice till date. We used the consultative session to assess where we were, what was working very well, and what we might need to change to take our organization to the next height. The overall experience was very fruitful and we look forward to having similar sessions with him whenever he visits Addis. I highly recommend my fellow leaders to invite Assegid to work with their leadership and benefit from his expertise. If you're a supervisor, project manager, or business owner, I encourage you to attend his live and online courses to take your leadership to the next level.


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