Dr. AZ’s followers on social media and YouTube channel that aims at transforming underdogs into greats asked him to offer a monthly leadership teleseminar once per month on a weekend. He is testing the idea to see if there are enough interested leaders.

There are many up to the minute leadership insights, models, tools, case studies, stories, and approaches he could share to empower leaders who may not get enough leadership development growth opportunities by their respective organizations.

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Would you be interested to subscribe if the program becomes available on the first Saturday of every month at 4 pm EST? If so, what kind of leadership topics are you interested to be covered during this monthly teleseminar?

If we get enough requests, we will launch this monthly leadership program for the underdogs. The program will run every month 60 - 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes presentation while the remaining 30 minutes for Q&A. 

Let's know your thoughts on this by clicking the button below:

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