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The Highest Level of Greatness

Heart-drawn Message

Dr. Assegid has given us a precious gift from his heart. I sensed that the message was drawn from what ferments within him. The heart-drawn message is also well-distilled by his bright and incisive intellect. Anyone, in addition, can see the clarity and strength of his presentations across the pages of the book. I have witnessed that Assegid is called to be a voice for greatness to rise in the hearts and imaginations of millions.

~Ahadu Gebreamlak, Managing Director at Center for African Leadership Development

Insightful, Helpful, and Practical Tips

I read 'The Highest Level of Greatness' and 'Unchain Your Greatness' with great interest. The books are full of stories of great individuals from around the world, and informal conversations the author had with everyday individuals. Dr. Assegid's personal development messages resonate with our audience and that is why I've had him on our show “Helen Show on ebs” several times. Each time he appears, he provides insightful, helpful, and practical tips that improve the lives of our viewers and enable them to succeed in their careers and businesses. As I keep recommending to my audience, I encourage anyone who would like to tap into their full potential and become the best version of themselves to check out his books."

~Helen Mesfin, Executive Producer and Host of Helen Show at ebs

Inspirational and Contemporary

This book is such a great encouragement and inspiration to anyone who seeks to attain the highest level of greatness which the author viewed as asserting your birthright. The author, Dr. Assegid Habtewold, shares with you the great insight he gained from studying greatness and the great one for more than two decades in the USA. The author encourages you to go to the next level of greatness by finding your reason for existence and leading purpose-oriented life. Also shares with you some stories of great ones and approaches they employed. This book is really downright practical."

~Tolessa Dadi, Director-Human Resource Business Partnering, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Lucid and and transformative

I have read many motivational books including some of the once mentioned in this amazing book.However,reading The Highest Level of Greatness has been a remarkable experience for the book's brave ,clear,highly informative and transformative quality .I highly recommend it for its exceptionally close-to-heart and engaging style .It gives a practical lesson for discovering a call for personal greatness and equips one with the know-how to materialize it.

~Gezahegn Anbelu

Life changing book

I read this life-changing book entitled, 'The Highest Level of Greatness' the moment it was out. If your desire is to manifest your highest self, this is the book you should begin your journey with. The examples and quotes used in the book were powerful. For life has meaning and if you want to lead a life with a clear purpose, vision, and defined values that guide you in your voyage, check out this book. You won't regret it.

~Betigel Workalemahu, Public Health Professional

Must Read!

If you’re looking for clarity and direction as you’re combining through your purpose, this book is for you. Also shared it with students at an annual seminar and have heard great feedback!

~Eyaluta Seifu, CEO of 1013 Enterprise LLC

Great book!

"If your desire is to manifest your highest self, this is the book you should begin your journey with."

~Alex, P.h.D., Biologist


"It is essential to know and accept that each one of us has a God-given birthright of achieving greatness. Our greatness can reach the highest and long-lasting levels when we are following the best and most sustainable ways which are unfolding in this remarkable book."

~Hiwot, Case Interviewer IPHI, Institute for Public Health Innovations

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Frequently requested

Below are the 3 frequently requested relevant services and programs based on the book 'The Highest Level of Greatness.' 

1. The Highest Level of Greatness

Are you committed to tapping into the unlimited potential of your people and manifesting your individual and collective greatness in your own unique ways? Do you desire to lead a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven organization? Are you interested to empower your people to pursue their purpose, envision, discover their values, and contribute their fair share toward the fulfillment of your organization's mission and the realization of your vision? We can help. 

  • We can design a 30 - 90 minutes motivational speech to emphasize the 3 attributes of the great ones from diverse cultures and how your people and your organization lead a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness to become the best version of yourselves.
  • We can also custom design a stand-alone in-person or virtual workshop or cohort program to inspire, challenge, equip, and empower your people to grow collectively to begin leading a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven life, career, and organization.  
  • We also offer one-on-one and group coaching to help you discover, pursue, and fulfill your purpose; visualize and actualize your vision; and discover, promote, and defend your values.
  • Our programs are filled with amazing stories of underdogs turned topdogs in their respective industries. We offer practical strategies, tactics, and measures one can take to tap into their limitless potential to become their best version of themselves.
  • We will give a copy of the book 'The Highest Level of Greatness' and a workbook to each participant. Reach out and let's chat about your needs, preferences, and how we may support you develop the personal growth of your team, organization, or community.
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2. Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching on how to:

  • Discover, pursue, and fulfill your purpose in life (organizational mission);
  • Visualize and actualize your vision;
  • Discover and define, and demonstrate commitment toward your core values (what matter the most, your non-negotiables) as you step into your greatness and pursue the highest level of greatness individually and collectively.  

Note: You can request coaching just on Purpose or Vision or Values or all of the themes at once depending on your needs.

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3. Program

We offer custom-designed and very interactive programs on how to:

  • Discover, pursue, and fulfill your purpose in life (organizational mission);
  • Visualize and actualize your vision;
  • Discover and define, and demonstrate commitment toward your core values (what matter the most, your non-negotiables) as you step into your greatness and pursue the highest level of greatness individually and collectively. 
  • We will offer a workbook for each participant.

Note: You can request a program just on Purpose or Vision or Values or all of the themes at once depending on your needs.

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This Book Is Here to Set You on the Right Path to Seek Out the Highest Level of Greatness! - Learn From the Stories of Many Great Individuals and Know That You Can Be Just Like Them

Achieving greatness is your birthright.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve achieved — you’re greatness material. After all, we all have to start somewhere. All the great ones you admire were once in the same spot as you’re in right now.

However, all greatness isn’t the same. Greatness that came from luck, inheritance, or through sheer willpower isn’t very fulfilling. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself seeking more when your good luck dries, your initial fortune erodes, as you age and your vigor declines. 

Greatness achieved through brute force and corruption isn’t sustainable at all.

This book is here to show you the best and most sustainable way to keep your greatness going until you achieve the Highest Level of Greatness — greatness that sustains and outlasts even after you’re long gone from this planet!

You can seem the highest form of greatness by discovering and pursuing your purpose, envisioning the accomplishment of your cause, and committing to the values that define you, your purpose, and protect your vision. 

Wherever you may be right now in life, start a rewarding journey to become the best version of yourself. Stay on track and keep your eyes on the prize by:

  • Following the detailed framework of greatness: The Author provides a straightforward model that helps you understand the different levels of greatness, and how to choose the highest form of greatness.
  • Understanding the importance of purpose and how to find yours: Know exactly what is and isn’t purpose, find yours, and use that as a basis to find direction in life!
  • Envisioning the accomplishment of your purpose very clearly: Learn how to visualize and remain motivated on the journey to greatness until your vision is actualized.
  • Discovering what matters the most and demonstrating unwavering commitment: Recognize the power of core values, discover yours, and use them as your barometer to advance your purpose and protect your vision.
  • Learning from the stories of the world’s greatest: See how the great ones you admire attained the highest level of greatness, how they were able to leave an enduring legacy, and know that you too can achieve that for yourself!
  • And so much more!

Lead a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and value-driven lifestyle by following the same path as the world’s greatest individuals. 

Attain greatness.

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Understanding Greatness

  1. Answering greatness related questions
  2. Levels of Greatness framework
  3. Explaining the five levels of greatness

Part I: Purpose-oriented Greatness

Chapter 1: What is and what isn’t purpose

Chapter 2: Importance of purpose   

Chapter 3: Purpose-oriented lifestyle

Part II: Vision-centered Greatness   

Chapter 4: Understanding vision     

Chapter 5: Roles vision plays

Chapter 6: Vision-centered lifestyle

Part III: Values-driven Greatness

Chapter 7: Recognizing the power of values

Chapter 8: The full benefits of values

Chapter 9: Values-driven lifestyle



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