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Unchain Your Greatness

This book is for anyone walking on this planet. If you're not yet great in your own unique ways, you need to read this book which provides the four stages all the great ones from diverse cultures took.

Let's be honest, everybody wants to have a great life, and do great things. No one desires to be mediocre and experience a failed life.

Unfortunately, very few have discovered the hidden roadmap that leads toward true greatness.

Otherwise, the great ones were like you and where you're now before they stepped into their greatness and began their rewarding journey toward greatness by taking one step at a time following what we call 'the blueprint of greatness', 4Es.

Wherever you may live and in whatever stage you may be in life right now, you're a candidate to unchain the greatness leashed within you for decades. Unchain it; it has been yearning to be unleashed!

You're greatness material but you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Follow the battle-tested footsteps of your heroines and heroes.

The book details the four common stages the great ones passed through and is filled with stories of great ones from diverse cultures and what they did at each stage.

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"I read 'The Highest Level of Greatness' and 'Unchain Your Greatness' with great interest. The books are full of stories of great individuals from around the world, and informal conversations the author had with everyday individuals. Dr. Assegid's personal development messages resonate with our audience and that is why I've had him on our show “Helen Show on ebs” several times. Each time he appears, he provides insightful, helpful, and practical tips that improve the lives of our viewers and enable them to succeed in their careers and businesses. As I keep recommending to my audience, I encourage anyone who would like to tap into their full potential and become the best version of themselves to check out his books."

~Helen Mesfin, Executive Producer and Host of Helen Show at ebs

 "It was one of the right books I found at the right time. For someone like me, who was fresh out of college, and joining a huge organization, this book helped me discover different aspects of life. The success stories are not just motivational as some books but contain in-depth steps to harness the potential for greatness. It showed me, to be the person I wanted to be, I just needed to work on myself by learning from the steps of diverse and successful people. It has been a really interesting journey since then. An awesome author and a great mentor!"

~Tigist Belete, M.D and Public Health expert

"This book is for anyone committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. It makes you ponder on the greatness that lies deep within you and gives you the roadmap to unchaining your greatness. It is full of real-life stories and metaphors to illustrate and model the mindset, principles, values, behaviors, and lifestyles of the legends in history. The book is insightful and provides practical wisdom that you can apply in your life. I highly recommend it!"

~Dr. Yetnayet Asfaw Demessie, M.D., Public Health Professional, and Leadership Coach

"Demanding all 5 books of the African-American Author Dr. Assegid Habtewold into Amharic and distributed in Ethiopia. I got through 3 of his books ‘Soft Skills that Make or Break Your Success’, ‘Unchain Your Greatness’, and ‘The Highest Level of Greatness'. Many of his trainees in Ethiopia are climbing the ladder in his footsteps. I am one of them as testimony. AZ is a ‘Renaissance Man’ and a charismatic leader. I drew several lessons and grew as a leader and benefited much from his best-seller books, being eager to read the last book. Anyone who wants to be a great leader, climb the ladder, and transform himself/herself from leadership to leadershift and greatness, I recommend getting his books from Amazon. Dr. Assegid AZ is my John C. Maxwell for me."

~Mekonnen Getachew/Eng./ President, Ethiopian Society of Railway Engineers/ESRE/, Manager, Railway Transport Operation, AKH-ERC, Ethiopia. Ethiopia

"Very informative with clear call to actions throughout the book. I enjoyed reading and taking notes to implement the practical strategies outlined in the book. I highly recommend this book."


"Your greatness is this book away. I mean it. Reading the stories of the great ones from diverse cultures and generations leaves you thinking that becoming great in your own unique way is not a mystery. It is predictable. Each one of us can also manifest our best selves if we simply follow the roadmap they followed to get to their destiny. We don't need to reinvent the wheel and reading this book helps you shorten the learning curve. Give it a read You won't regret it!" 

~Betigel Workalemahu, Public Health Professional

"This is a breakthrough in perspective of what holds you down to greatness. Took a great deal of valuable lessons that is impactful."

~Eyaluta Seifu, CEO of 1013 Enterprise LLC 

"This book is your manual on the journey towards manifesting your greatness. It walks you through the four major stages that are mandatory to become the best version of yourself."

~Alex, Ph.D., Biologist

"As I read this book and other books by Dr. Assegid Habtewold, I can easily hear his passion for inspiring everyone to achieve their highest level of greatness. Dr. Assegid's books and seminars apply to different age groups and diverse populations. So whether you are a new rising leader or a seasoned leader, Dr. AZ's book is for you; get it today and "Unchain Your Greatness."

~Chaplain Meron Berhane-Finch, M.Div, M.A.

"I went through the book and observed the following. I know Dr. Assegid has a great capacity to explore people's untapped potential. The Author clearly showed the levels of people's greatness, which includes the sources and reasons for excellence. The book in general can serve as a great source of information as to how people can see themselves thereby exporting their untapped potential. The power of possibilities and the need for transformation are the areas that people have to look into so as to better use challenges and convert them into opportunities. In general, the Author of the book tried to address shows the power of possibilities and attitude."

~Yared Mengistu, Coach, Trainer and Social Entrepreneur, Business& Development Consul (Freelancer)

"I have known Dr. Assegid since the late 1990's when he was president of the Students’ Union of Addis Ababa University. Here in America, I was very fortunate to work with him as a volunteer in his nonprofit organization, PRO Leadership Global. Dr. Assegid is a great leader with a clear vision, as well as genuine integrity, courage, honesty, humility, and clear focus. He is also a strategic planner who believes in teamwork. So far, he has written six books, and I have had the opportunity to read 3 of them. I love his book "Unchain Your Greatness” and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a roadmap that teaches principles used by great ones from diverse cultures and generations — principles that guide you to unchain your highest self from within."

~Amanuel Zegeye Management team (Ben's Chili Bowl)

"I was introduced to this book while I was going through executive leadership training. It helped me to learn the following key elements of greatness. It helped me understand the greatness process (explore, take bold actions, willingness to sacrifice for greatness, and multiply yourself in others). This is a great recipe for success. Ever since I read this book, I continue to explore and undertake important actions in my life that helped me succeed in my professional life. These steps are not easy to make but they are key to your success. I highly recommend this book."

~Nega Teshome, Adj. Associate Professor

Frequently requested

Below are the 3 frequently requested relevant services and programs based on the book 'Unchain Your Greatness.' 

1. Unchain Your Greatness

What if we give you the roadmap the great ones used to unchain their highest selves and how you too could use the same roadmap to unchain your individual and corporate greatness? Would that help if we guide you through the four common stages the greatest passed through before they unchained their greatness to the fullest, and the measures you should take under each stage? We can help you to unchain your individual and collective greatness. 

  • We can design a 30 - 90 minutes motivational speech to emphasize the 4 common stages the great ones from diverse cultures and what kind of measures your people and organization to unchain the greatness within.
  • We can also custom design a stand-alone in-person or virtual workshop or cohort program to inspire, challenge, equip, and empower your people to grow collectively and advance on the spectrum of greatness.  
  • We also offer one-on-one and group coaching to help you explore to discover what makes you unique, enact on your discoveries, endure until you unchain your greatness, and emancipate your highest selves to the fullest.
  • Our programs are filled with amazing stories of underdogs turned greats in their respective industries. We offer practical strategies, tactics, and measures one can take to tap into their limitless potential to become their best version of themselves.
  • We will give a copy of the book 'Unchain Your Greatness' and a workbook to each participant. Reach out and let's chat about your needs, preferences, and how we may support you develop the personal growth of your team, organization, or community.
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2. Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching on how to:

  • Explore to discover what makes you greatness material by increasing your self-awareness beyond the body and physical universe;
  • Enact based on your discoveries by developing the right mindset and high-performance habits to take quantum actions;
  • Endure till you unchain your greatness by developing resilience and comeback power;
  • Emancipate your highest self to the fullest by crossing the finish line, building institutions, raising successors, and dying empty leaving a legacy that outlive you giving you a golden chance to continue to influence without your presence.     

Note: You can request coaching just on Exploring or Enacting or Enduring or  Emancipating or all of the themes at once depending on your needs.

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3. Programs

We offer custom-designed and very interactive programs on how to:

  • Explore to discover what makes you greatness material by increasing your self-awareness beyond the body and physical universe;
  • Enact based on your discoveries by developing the right mindset and high-performance habits to take quantum actions;
  • Endure till you unchain your greatness by developing resilience and comeback power;
  • Emancipate your highest self to the fullest by crossing the finish line, building institutions, raising successors, and dying empty leaving a legacy that outlive you giving you a golden chance to continue to influence without your presence. 
  • We will offer a workbook for each participant.

Note: You can request a program just on Purpose or Vision or Values or all of the themes at once depending on your needs.

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Unlock Your Full Potential and Break Past the Barriers That Have Been Holding You Back! - The 4 Stages Every Great One Passes Through to Unleash Their Inner Greatness

Everyone is destined for greatness in their own unique ways. 

However, only a select few are able to tap into their full potential, and go above and beyond to unchain their greatness. The majority ends up failing to attain any level of greatness at all.

Except for you.

In this book, experienced life coach, motivational speaker, and author, Dr. Assegid Habtewold, details the 4 major stages the great ones from diverse cultures passed through. 

He narrates fascinating stories of individuals who transformed from underdog to top dog, from obscurity to greatness. He also shares in-depth explanations and straightforward steps so that you, too, can set yourself apart from the rest.

Uncover the secrets to greatness and tap into the hidden potential you already have inside you! 

Every great one has started from the same place where you’re at right now. All you have to do is take that first step and being your journey toward the path of greatness. And the best part is, that you won’t have to do it blindly nor reinvent the wheel.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The hidden roadmap towards true greatness: The map towards greatness has been right under your nose this whole time! This book is here to guide you on the right path so that you can begin your journey ASAP.
  • The amazing life that you deserve: No one deserves to live a life of failure and mediocrity, especially not you. Take the first step and begin living the life you’ve always wanted for yourself!
  • Simple and straightforward advice: You won’t find any confusing and intimidating jargon here. Learn everything you need to know about unchaining your greatness and transforming your life from obscurity to great, explained in plain and easy-to-understand English.
  • The exact battle-tested footsteps of your heroes and heroines: Know exactly what to do and when to do it, no matter what part of life you’re in! Discover enchanting stories of the great ones from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • And so much more!

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The Four Stages of Greatness

Part I: Explore to Discover Your Greatness

Chapter 1: Source of your greatness

Chapter 2: Seat of your greatness

Chapter 3: Reason for your greatness

Part II: Enact on Your Discoveries

Chapter 4: Have a now or never attitude

Chapter 5: Go all in

Chapter 6: Give your purpose prime attention

Part III: Endure While Unchaining Your Greatness

Chapter 7: Embrace challenges

Chapter 8: Outlast setbacks

Chapter 9: Develop comeback power

Part IV: Emancipate Your Greatness to the Fullest

Chapter 10: Cross the finish line

Chapter 11: Empty yourself

Chapter 12: Leave an enduring legacy



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