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Wondimagegnehu Negera


CEO, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX)

In 2018, Assegid came to ECX and had a very productive conversation with our top leadership. I heard great compliments about the session. As a result, in 2019 when Assegid visited Addis again, we invited him to facilitate a two-day leadership workshop by bringing together our executive team, managers, and supervisors. During those 2 days, I could personally be able to notice that Assegid is passionate about leadership and he has a lot to offer. I also heard constructive feedback from participants during and after the workshop. The learning opportunity we had with Assegid brought tremendous improvement in the performance of our leadership and in turn ECX. We benefited from his ability to facilitate a very interactive workshop that was filled with so many up to the minute insights, tools, methods our team implemented right away. I recommend my fellow leaders to consider inviting Assegid to their organization, and I also encourage anyone who is interested to grow as a leader, to sign up for his online courses.

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