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You could be a leader just promoted as a team lead, supervisor, manager, or promoted yourself into opening your own business. Or, you could be an aspirant to take your next new leadership position. Or, you could be someone who has been in your current first-timer leadership position for a while. Or, you may be mentoring a first-timer. Or, you could be someone who has stopped challenging yourself to go to the next new leadership role because you are sick and tired of facing the challenges and uncertainties that come with a first-timer position.

If you said yes to one of these, you should sign up for this online course!

The most challenging part of being a first-timer is the transition. The mindset, attitude, personality, and many of the skill sets that allowed you to excel as a follower or employee or in your previous leadership position won’t serve you that much in your new leadership role. For that matter, some of them may even sabotage your transition. The challenge is that you may not even be consciously aware of the impacts of the syndrome right away. You keep thinking, behaving, deciding, and acting the way you used to expect to get the same fantastic results you got in your previous team member role.

Of course, after a while, you may realize that things aren’t going the way you had anticipated originally. You may recognize that those qualities that had been very instrumental to get where you’re now either come in the way or don’t help you any longer to succeed as a first-timer. By then, however, you have suffered a lot, impacted your relationships negatively, and paid many other unnecessary prices.

As the saying goes ‘What got you here, won’t get you there.’ What brought you this far cannot help you any longer to succeed where you are now. You need a new mindset, skills, and personality. And, this course will equip you to succeed as a first-timer team lead, supervisor, manager, or business owner.

This online course is based on Amazon's #1 bestseller book with the same title. In the course, you’re going to learn what it takes to succeed in your new first timer leadership position as a team lead or supervisor or manager, or a business owner. You will also get insights that allow you to configure your mind and develop an attitude that enables you to fit in the leadership position you have just taken.

Of course, this course by itself isn’t the end. You need to practice some of the insights, principles, models, and methods that guide you throughout your journey as a first-timer. You will also get some fresh perspectives and stories that inspire, challenge, stretch, equip, and sustain you as you lead your people and serve your team and organization with excellence.

This course is mainly designed for:

  1. Recently promoted team leads, supervisors, project managers, and business owners. The course enables you to overcome the first-timer syndrome.
  2. Those who are in their current first-timer position for a while. This course enables you to succeed in your current position. When you pass through this course, you will gain the latest and empowering nuggets that you could implement right away to get quick results. You could also be able to appreciate what you have been doing right, and not so right, and the changes you should make to succeed in your current leadership role.
  3. Aspirant first-timers. Even if you may not be in a fresh leadership position right now, you need this course as you prepare to take your next leadership position.

This course is also very helpful to senior leaders who are coaching and mentoring first-timers in their organization. That means this course is relevant to every leader regardless of their position and seniority. And also, everyone is affected by the syndrome as far as one is aspiring to go to the next new position. If a leader is not aspiring to go to the next level means, he or she may be afraid of the first-timer syndrome. 

The course contains:

  • 11 modules
  • Each module contains video clip teaching (25 - 45 minutes) 
  • Worksheet that contains the synopsis, learning objectives, and tones of assignment questions for each module
  • Some sample and template downloads
  • When you finish the course, you'll be given a Certificate of Completion

This course is designed to focus on three major areas of management:

  • Attitude and mindset,
  • Competencies, and
  • Personality that is mandatory to overcome the first-timer syndrome.

When you enroll for this video course with 11 modules ($299 Value), you will also get the following bonuses:

  • Audio files of all the 11 modules ($199 Value)

  • PowerPoint Slides of all modules ($99 Value)

  • Handouts for each module ($970 Value)

  • Templates ($970 Value)

  • Samples ($970 Value)

  • Assignments ($970 Value)


    Total Value: $4, 477

    You Get It ALL Today For Just $299

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Some of the praises for the book

Marshall Goldsmith

Get your first-time leadership role on the right foot with this excellent guide ... With the latest leadership insights & tools and tips to make a smooth transition, you can feel confident moving into your new leadership role. A must read!

Sylvia Baffour

Dr. Assegid Habtewold’s unrelenting quest to help others become better leaders is admirable. His positivity and wealth of coaching experience shine through. If you’re in a first-time leadership role, this book can be an invaluable guide and asset...

David Burkus

Whether you’re a first-time or a seasoned leader struggling with 1st timer syndrome, this book will give you the practical tools you can use to find your intrinsic value and create even more value for those you lead.

Eddie Turner

Dr. Assegid Habtewold does a fine job adding his voice to the conversation about emerging leadership and the 1st timer syndrome by covering the key concepts needed for success.

Frequently requested

Below are the 3 frequently requested relevant services and programs you may need for your first-timers and emerging leaders

1. Create a pro feedback culture

Do you want your new supervisors, team leaders, or project managers (for that matter middle and senior leaders too) to deliver results by giving effective performance feedback? Are you interested in your people feeling at ease and excel in providing and receiving feedback to communicate effectively, get along well, collaborate, create synergy, and resolve conflicts better and quicker?  We can help you create a conducive work environment by designing a pro feedback culture and empowering your people to excel in giving and receiving feedback like a pro. 

  • We can design and deliver a half or full-day in-person or virtual workshop.
  • We can also arrange a group coaching program that involves all stakeholders that involve in creating such a culture and other key players in its implementation.
  • We will provide the Overcoming 1st Timer book for all participants.
  • We will also give a workbook to each participant.
  • Check out the brief view clip below that share 3 quick things to do if you want to implement it yourself.
  • If you want us to help, reach out and let's chat about how we can help to meet your specific needs.
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2. How to excel as a new supervisor

Do you have recently promoted, current, and/or future new project managers, team leaders, and supervisors? Are you interested to inspire, equip, and empower your first-timer and emerging leaders to make a smooth transition and excel at their new roles and in turn feel confident, assertive, productive, and ultimately deliver outstanding results right away? We can help.

  • We can design a half or full-day in-person or virtual interactive and dynamic workshop based on the latest adult learning principles.
  • We'll give Amazon's #1 Bestseller book "Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome" to each participant,
  • A workbook for all participants.
  • We can also arrange customized follow-up programs such as group coaching for your new and recently promoted supervisors, managers, and executives. Reach out to learn more about how we can help.
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3. Emerging Leaders Program

What if we help you develop your aspiring, new, and emerging leaders to fulfill their mandates where they are right now by growing together? What about if we create a conducive environment for collective growth; design the right content filled with the latest insights, models, tools, strategies, and tactics; and utilize dynamic delivery approaches to inspire, challenge, and equip your emerging leaders? We can help.

  • We can design a cohort program to empower your emerging leaders to excel now and prepare them to be ready if you need some of them to the next level of leadership. 
  • We will provide the Overcoming 1st Tier Syndrome book to all cohort members.
  • There will be a workbook for each session.
  • Cohort members, if you choose, will take relevant online assessments.
  • There will also be between-session assignments and follow-ups.
  • And much more. Reach out and we will listen to your needs and design a cohort program that can last for a few weeks or months, once per week/month for a few days, depending on your preference.
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Learning Objectives

The main objective of this course is equipping first-timer team leads, project managers, supervisors, and business owners to experience a smooth transition in their new leadership position. Below are the specific objectives of the course:

  • To help configure/reconfigure the mindset of first-timers, which allows them to demonstrate the right attitude from the get going
  • To provide the latest insight and perspectives about the kind of info, competencies, and personality first-timers should develop
  • To equip first-timers with the necessary soft and people skills to lead their team effectively, and to get along with their managers, peers, internal and external customers, and other key stakeholders.
  • To offer practical tools, models, templates, approaches first-timers would use to lead their team with excellence from the start.
  • To empower first timers in order to develop the personality they need to overcome the first-timer syndrome with ease.


Know Your Place, provides you the areas where you need to increase your knowledge, what kinds of questions to ask, and where to find them so that you 'know your place' by deeply knowing yourself, the organization, its people, and key stakeholders.

Own Your Place, equips you to translate your knowing into feeling, behaving, and acting in charge and confidently by owning your place through acting confidently, by acting assertively, and setting boundaries. 

Build Your Team, enables you to understand how team dynamics work, the model, and approaches that transform your team to function like a well-oiled machine.

Communicate with Stakeholders Effectively, helps you recognize what it takes to communicate effectively with your supervisor, team members, and other key stakeholders understanding their communication preference, coming up with communication strategies, and working on your communication competencies.

Deliver Quick Results, empowers you to quickly deliver results by setting goals, managing your time and energy, and increasing yours and your team's productivity using some tools that allow you to craft smart goals, objectives, manageable tasks, prioritize, schedule and protect your schedule, and devising ways to increase and sustain productivity.

 Make Timely Decisions, prepares you to make tough and timely decisions by realizing that you're promoted to facilitate problem solving, which requires mastering decision making systematically.

Engage Your People from the Get Going, teaches you how to inspire and engage your people from the get go by understanding how motivation works, and creating a culture that engages including proper appreciations and effective delegation.

Strive for Excellence from the start, educates you the place of excellence, how to manage performance, create and sustain a culture that promotes feedback giving and receiving, and the ability to deal with poor performers

Articulate Your Leadership Philosophy right away, introduces you to an important leadership concept, Leadership Philosophy, why it is important, how to articulate your own philosophy, and share it with your key people.

Demonstrate Immediate Authenticity and Credibility, shows you the place of authenticity and credibility as a first timer, how to demonstrate Immediate authenticity and credibility, exhibit consistency, and also become teachable.

Develop Yourself and Your People, discusses the significance of leadership growth, crafting yours and the team's development plan, and those vulnerable team members.



3.1. Module 1 – 3:

The first 3 modules are designed to help you start your first-timer role with the right footing. They are designed to give you clarity and help you develop the right mindset and attitude you should develop right out of the gate. In this regard, Module 1 provides you clarity about what you need to know right away concerning the organization, the team, your unique roles, and other key stakeholders. You already know something about these, but this module digs deeper to increase your awareness. The second module positions you to own your place by being confident, assertive, and setting boundaries from the get-go. Module 3 enables you to build your team and deliver the sooner by understanding how team dynamics work, positioning your team to succeed and developing the team quickly.

3.2. Module 4 – 8:

The following 5 modules equip you to develop certain important competencies you need to fulfill your first-timer leadership responsibilities. Module 4 empowers you to communicate with key stakeholders effectively by identifying their communication preferences, developing a communication strategy, and working on your immediate communication needs. Module 5 enables you to deliver quick results by increasing your team’s productivity through setting goals, strategizing, planning, managing time and energy. Module 6 is designed to equip you to make timely and tough decisions as you solve problems, resolve conflict, and break impasses. Engaging your team to continue to deliver by inspiring your team, recognizing performers, and delegating will be covered in Module 7. Module 8 is crafted to help you strive for excellence by creating an environment that encourages giving and receiving feedback, and dealing with team members who perform poorly.

3.3. Modules 9 – 11:

The last three modules are focused on developing your personality and commitment. Module 9 provides you the reason why you should introduce your leadership philosophy and a framework that guides you to come up with one of your own, which you will share with your team and key stakeholders who are closely working with you. Module 10 emphasizes the need to be intentional about building trust through being authentic and credible by showing consistency in your words, behaviors, and actions. The last module, Module 11, provides you the justifications of why you should develop yourself and your team constantly, templates to create a personal development plan, and approaches to grow yourself and your people.


estseller and hot new release

Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome online course

Bestseller and hot new release

Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome online course

This online course is based on Amazon's #1 bestseller book with the same title. In the course, you’re going to learn what it takes to succeed in your new first timer leadership position as a team lead or supervisor or manager, or a business owner. You will also get insights that allow you to configure your mind and develop an attitude that enables you to fit in the leadership position you have just taken.

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