• Are you an author, coach, trainer, consultant, speaker, or a leader within the Organizational, Leadership, Personal, and Spiritual Development industry and looking for support from insiders?
  • Have you been frustrated working with generalist freelancers and contractors who don't have deep knowledge about our industry?
  • Do you want to avoid wasting your time, energy, and money to educate these generalists to understand your voice, message, products and services you provide?
  • Are you interested to hire a consulting team that gets your clients, their aspirations, and pain points, and a team that has deep knowledge about your market?

If you said YES, you've come to the right place.

We're like you. We resonate with you.

Our consulting service was born as a result of so many years of frustrations that came from working with contractors and freelancers who don't get our industry very well.

We want to rescue those who have been experiencing the same troubles we've been facing.

If you're such a person or team or organization, you don't need to look any further, anymore, to work with a team that knows the ins and outs of our industry.

We offer dynamic consulting services to our Clients and Partners in our industry.

Since we're a one-window show platform for those who are committed to manifesting their highest selves, we complement our Presentation, Coaching, and Programs with Consulting services. 

We don't want to see our Clients and Partners who are using our development pathways- one Brick at a time until they unchain their greatness in their own unique ways- waste their precious time, energy, and resources to go somewhere and get these services.

More than other consulting companies out there who are generalists and serve all, we exclusively serve individuals and organizations within our industry because we understand you well and therefore can help you write content and copy for your:

NOTE: We also have on-demand consulting packages where we can help you:

  • Design, form, and launch your first or next organization successfully.
  • Create systems, processes, automate and integrate these systems and processes, and scale your existing organization and take it to the next level effectively.  
  • Create content, and sales copy for your website & funnel landing pages, emails, blogs, and social media ads that attract the right clients (audience), convert, and sell your message, products, and services.
  • Design, integrate, automate, launch, and promote your first or next funnel and make it profitable.
  • Close your high-end buyers, pitch your ideas, and/or speak like a pro at your 1st or next high stake public speaking and rock it on the stage like a pro.
  • Write, publish, and promote your 1st or next book and give it a fighting chance to become bestseller.

We're better than other consulting companies out there to serve our community.

These consulting companies or vendors or freelancers could be great, even bigger and better than us technically and financially speaking.

But, we understand Your Audience/Clients and their Pain, YOU, Your Message, Brand, Products, Services, and the Industry better than others outside of our space. 

These services are aimed at supporting our Clients and Partners as they march forward to become the best version of themselves individually and collectively.

If you're interested in one of the available on-demand consulting services, Reach out via [email protected] 

Content & Copywriting Gigs & How It Works

Content & Copywriting Gigs

Below are the 6 available content and copywriting gigs.

1. Website Landing Pages

Copywriting website pages such as Home, About, Services, Products, and so on. For More >>

2. Video, Webinar & Presentation Scripts 

Content and copywriting scripts for video programs, webinars, and presentations. For more >>

3. Emails

Content and copywriting emails to welcome newcomers, educate subscribers, announcements, new releases, cart abandonment, autoresponders, sequences, and so on. For more >>

4. Funnel Pages

Copywriting funnel landing pages, thank pages, email sequences, and so on. For more >>

5. Articles and Blogs

Content and copywriting articles and blogs to educate your audience, increase brand awareness, announce new releases, promote your products and services, etc. For more >>

6. Social Media Ads

Copywriting social media ads for Google AdWords, FaceBook (compliance-friendly), Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. For More >>

How does it work?

  • We have four packages (Bronze; Silver; Gold; and Diamond to choose from. Choose one of these packages.
  • Once you identify the copywriting need you have and pick the right package for you, fill out and submit the Copywriting Gigs Request Form.
  • We will evaluate your request and see if we're the right fit and have availability.
  • We'll then send you the invoice to pay.
  • Once payment is processed, we'll send a detailed questionnaire to gather the necessary input from you to begin the research aspect of the gig while waiting for your response.
  • Based on the input we gathered, we will deliver the work as per the agreed timeline.
  • According to the gig you requested, we'll do revisions if you have feedback and some change requests based on the initial work submitted.

Note: On top of content and copywriting gigs, if you want us to help you implement (such as designing your website, funnel, email e-newsletter, coaching you to speak like a pro on the stage or in front of the camera, and so on), reach out via [email protected]

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