We design and deliver highly customized and result-oriented stand-alone and cohort programs for those who are committed to growing holistically to become world-class in what they do and ultimately attain individual and collective greatness in their own unique ways. 

Our programs will be delivered based on the latest adult learning principles. The content is jam-packed with:

  • The latest insights,
  • Practical models,
  • Frameworks,
  • Strategies and tactics that your people can immediately use to see significant changes.

We've highly interactive and dynamic stand-alone and cohort programs for each pathway.

How does it work?

1. Identify the development area you are interested

2. Choose the Pathway you would like to take

3. Then, we will work with you to customize each program based on your development goals, and participants' stage of development. We closely work with you to understand your needs and aspirations to design and deliver the right program for your people.

For each program, there will be:

  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Video clips,
  • Role plays,
  • Pairing,
  • Large and small group discussions.

We provide a workbook for each program. If opted, participants will take assessments for some of the topics.

These programs can be:

  1. Stand-alone workshops/webinars. These can be taken within half a day or 1 - 3 days. 
  2. Cohort programs. These can be taken within a few weeks or months. Participants will get pre-readings and follow-up emails in between sessions. There will also be orientation and graduation sessions. If requested, we will also arrange so that participants to take some relevant assessments. 
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