What kind of programs do we provide?

  • Stand-alone workshops/webinars. These can be taken within half a day or 1 - 3 days. 
  • Cohort programs. These can be taken within a few weeks or months. Participants will get pre-readings and follow-up emails in between sessions. There will also be orientation and graduation sessions. If requested, we will also arrange so that participants to take some relevant assessments. 

Why should you choose us?

  • We're not like many training companies. We don't use off-shelf materials. We work with you very closely to customize each program by identifying your needs and aligning with your brand and corporate culture.
  • We don't lecture your people to death. Besides, our facilitators adjust how much percentage of the time they should talk based on the level of knowledge participants have about the theme and their experience level.
  • We provide interactive and dynamic sessions. We follow the latest adult learning principles. Each session is filled with up-to-the-minute insights, diverse and inspiring stories; practical models, tools, strategies, and tactics; pairing, small, and large group discussions; and role plays.
  • We're very selective. We only work with leaders, teams, and organizations that aspire to become world-class in what they do, and are committed to being great in their own unique ways.
  • We're outcome and result-focused. Your people will get golden nuggets that can be implemented right away to see immediate results in the workplace or marketplace.
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For which pathway do you need a program?

We've stand-alone and customized programs for our 4  Success Pathways. Let's know which one you do need right now or in the near future. We look forward to serving you with world-class excellence.

1. Organizational Development Programs

We custom design stand-alone and cohort organizational development programs to help your new supervisors, managers, and executive make a smooth transition; create a unique culture, or reform the existing one; and also help you create, systemize, and scale your organization. Learn More >> 

2. Leadership Development Programs

We custom design stand-alone and cohort leadership development programs to empower your leaders to develop the right mindset, skillset, and character set to succeed in leading their people successfully. Learn More >> 

3. Personal Development Programs

We custom design stand-alone and cohort personal development programs to empower your people to increase their self-awareness, manage themselves well, and attain personal mastery. Learn More >> 

4. Spiritual Development Programs

We custom design stand-alone and cohort spiritual development programs to empower your people to recognize their spiritual identity, align with the best version of themselves within, and evolve to manifest their highest self inside out. Learn More >> 

Who do need our programs?

Frequently Requested Programs

Below are the 3 frequently asked programs

1. Emerging Leaders Program

We custom-design leadership cohort programs to empower your aspiring and emerging team leaders, project managers, and supervisors.

2. Middle Leaders Program

We custom-design leadership development cohort programs to equip your senior supervisors, and aspiring and current middle managers to take their leadership mindset, skill set, personality, and character set to the next level.

3. Senior Leaders Programs

We custom-design cohort programs to empower your senior middle managers, and aspiring and current executives 

How does it works?

Who do need our programs?

1. Organizational Development. 

You need our holistic organizational development programs:

a) if you would like to establish/re-establish a new organization with a unique corporate culture that advances your mission, protects your vision, aligns with your brand, and is based on what matters the most for you (your core values);

b) if your existing culture has become dysfunctional lately or not functioning optimally;

c) if you desire your new supervisors, managers, and/or executives to make a smooth transition and excel at their first-time managerial roles, and deliver results quickly;

d) if you would like your people to improve their soft skills (people skills) and as a result get along well, create synergy, harmony, and improve their individual and collective performance. 

2. Leadership Development. 

You need our holistic leadership development programs:

a) if your leaders are not leading effectively to take their teams and in turn the organization to the next level;

b) if you desire your leader to develop or refine their mindset, competencies, personality, and character to lead by example, inspire, mobilize, and influence the people they lead, and other stakeholders with world-class leadership excellence;

c) if you are concerned that the leadership programs designed and delivered in-house or by outside vendors aren't appropriate and customized at the stage your leaders are (emerging, middle, and senior leaders).

3. Personal Development. 

You need our holistic personal development programs:

a) if you desire to see your people tap into their full potential;

b) if you want them to be self-aware and serve based on their strengths, by working on their limitations, and constantly uncovering their blind spots to become productive citizens, employees, and leaders;

c) if you would like your people to have self-control (discipline) to handle stress, conflict, and disruption well by developing personal mastery;

d) if you're committed to creating platforms and opportunities for your people to grow within, pursue their passion, and have meaning in their work.   

4. Spiritual Development. 

You need our holistic spiritual development programs:

a) if you want your people to recognize their spiritual side and become spiritually awake;

b) if you're interested to help your people develop spiritual competencies, get spiritual methods and tools that equip them to tap into their spiritual inner self;

c) if you're committed to offering your people platforms and opportunities that allow them to grow and evolve spiritually, become mindful, have peace of mind, innovate and create constantly bypassing the limitations of time and space.

How does it work?

1. Identify the development area you are interested

2. Choose the Pathway you would like to take

3. Then, we will work with you to customize each program based on your development goals, and participants' stage of development. We closely work with you to understand your needs and aspirations to design and deliver the right program for your people.

For each program, there will be:

  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Workbook,
  • Video clips,
  • Role plays,
  • Pairing,
  • Large and small group discussions.

Note: If opted, participants will take assessments for some of the topics.

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